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+Robert Scoble might have worn his +Google Glass in the shower, but I'd recommend keeping them away from water. I've seen a number of reports of what happened to me, shown below, happening to other people when Glass was in high humidity or wet environments.

In my case, I'd been sailing with Glass on my kayak. They never went in the water, but there was a lot of spray. Moisture, in some units, seems to cause a reflective film at the end of the display prism to start coming away. And don't touch it, or you get a scratch in the film like I did!

The good news is that the Glass support people quickly worked to get mine replaced. In fact, I can't say enough good things about the Glass support staff, who also talked me through a failure to boot problem when Glass depleted its battery. They're fantastic.

As for me, I won't use them when sailing again, which makes me sad -- they're ideal for that sport. I continue to use them when paddleboarding, as I'm higher off the water, so the exposure to possible moisture is less. Assuming, of course, I don't go in (knock wood). But I'm pretty stable on the paddleboard, and they're super-useful for that. I can snap shots of the harbor, share pictures, send and get texts from home.
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O my God mate I'd be gutted...I'd love to have a pair of much do they cost? If u don't mind me asking buddy? Lol...I see ur stuff al the time wen u put things up.its cool stuff. And interests me at in bit will..
I had this happen to mine. I had been paddling too. Checked my Glass while loading the kayaks and they were fine. Later that day, which was humid the bubbling occurred on the foil. Replaced through RMA with little issue. #foilgate
+willz webb They cost $1500, and they're not available to the public yet. For me, it's a work expense. The good news is that they should dramatically come down in price when they do come out for the public. You can learn more here
Same thing happen to me when I took them to the beach :( But now I have a replacement so it's all good.
Well if the support request is coming from someone like +Danny Sullivan, who is a verified Google+ user, it had to be fixed immediately :P But from my own experience, I found Google support to be EXCELLENT.
it looks like essentially a piece of tinting-like material, like you'd use on a car window to keep light from passing into the glass and causing weird effects to the display.

I bet they change that with an embedded piece of metal that is powdercoated black to achieve the same thing.
Great...I can't wait for Glass but considering England is pretty much permanently wet i'm not so sure now!
Sorry to hear that Glass hasn't been as much of a water warrior as you'd like, +Danny Sullivan, but we're glad our team has been able to keep you exploring. 

We're always just a call away. 
I've had this happen 3 times.  Google was great about replacing them but I'm surprised that there is no solution.  This foil is probably deposited on the plastic prism as a mirror.  It is either silver or aluminum but in either case mirrors are generally coated on the back to keep the medal from the elements.  I hoped the new Glass upgrade fixed this problem but it is the same.  Has anyone tried putting a piece of "sticky" tape on the foil to see if this helps?  Of course it won't be able to be removed without taking some of the foil off but it should help with the humidity issue.  
Does anyone know what the mirror material is composed of and how it is held to the prism?  I'm going to cover my replacement with something.  I live in Florida and its always humid down here.  There should be some adhesive tape that does not harm the mirror if I knew the mirror's composition.  
Google glass team i have a problemtoo: my glass and let the entire film. Like grains of sand were leaving.
Hi +jrthe Jr, sorry to hear about that. Looks like you've already been in contact with a Glass Guide. We're working hard to get this sorted out for you—stay tuned. 
Mine have done this too trying to get them sent back but because I'm in the UK finding this a little difficult.