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GM not going to do ads on Facebook? Well, GM's about to get a reminder that Facebook ultimately controls what all those GM fans see from its "free" page on Facebook. The newsfeed giveth; the newsfeed can taketh away. And if it doesn't giveth as much as you want, then you can do promoted posts.
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Looks hilarious and really desperate on Facebook's part - $5 Estimated to reach 1,200 - $10 Estimated to reach 2,300

This coming out of a so called '$100B company' HA!
I think this is a real step backward from what Google has done with their search engine, which made it so successful. I think this is just going to annoy people getting bombarded by ads from the companies willing to shell out big money instead of ads being relevant.
you can distribute coupons and specials like this.
does it appear as "promoted‘ post in the users' feed? I suppose not. so now you have even less control over what you see in your feed.
i don't think you will see anything in your feed that you're not subscribed to.
this is one way to monetize brand pages, but then how do you calculate ROI ?
you don't see everything you subscribed to even if you want, the edge rank decides for you. I assume they give higher priority to the brand page you interact with more often. but with promoted posts, you will be simply seeing posts from brands which spend the most money on promoted posts.
The removal of the 'share' link from posts by third party apps is what irks me the most.
marketing on facebook is counterintuitive......the more ads people see the less likely the are to stick around.......good luck with that zuck
Ted S
To several people's points, for long-term usage, Facebook doesn't want the site to feel all marketing like but as people followed these pages, people are seeing a post here and a post there already, so another one over the course of say a month shouldn't really be notable (although it may increase 'unlikes').

I'm intrigued to understand how frequency, scale end up playing into this and what limits are put in place.
+Trevor Sharp I agree. FB would be great with contextual keyword targeting. How much better could it be if users posting about a music festival could see highly relevant ads for wellies or tents, rather than ads based on ever-aging profile data.
It will be much better +Ben Wightman. You'll see it here first when Google incorporates their knowledge graph into google+. That's my guess for the white space that +Vic Gundotra said there is a plan for.
Hmmm, then facebook would not be very social.
+Trevor Sharp that would be awesome. Can't think of a better usage for the space, given how much its improved their search experience.
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