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Google+ comes to Gmail. I don't see this myself yet, so can't say if it's good or bad. I don't use Gmail through the web anyway, so it's unlikely to bother me. An archive of notifications might be good. Sure wish Google+ just developed a better way of direct messages like Twitter, though.
Today on the official Gmail Blog a new feature was announced, Google+ notifications in Gmail. Basically this change brings Google+ interactions directly into a user’s inbox. If a user opts in to hav...
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again yet another project given priority over not fixing the migration tool for Google's PAYING apps CUSTOMERS ...
This is pretty handy for people like me who are stuck with Blackberry phones through work for now with no decent G+ App.. I guess this means I can reply directly to notifications from my phones inbox?
What are you using instead as an interface to gmail? I've yet to find a client that can keep up with my personal and work email storm (devops stuff in the work can be dozens per minute) and provide as powerful a search interface.
Woah, I guess many folks that are afraid of change will complain. On the other hand I'll check the new stuff in detail before making a statement whether I like it or not.
I had moved exclusively to using the gmail web interface to the point that I had disabled all G+ email notifications.. I just prefer the counter in the upper right and its drop-down menu.

I've just re-enabled the email notifications now to check out this new functionality when it arrives on my account.
I like the feature. Keeping at least some Google interaction consolidated can only help people like me.
It's just over engineering. Am sure, it wasn't needed.
On the desktop, other than to create an additional choice/method of seeing and responding to notifications (which isn't a bad thing), I see no other need/reason for this - unless my long-time Google+/Gmail experience is not the norm.

I already have a nice rounded square at the top right that contains the number of new notifications, which also allows me to view them, respond to them, or carry out many other G+ tasks directly while "in" Gmail (and various other gServices) directly in the pop-over panel.

For mobile, if this feature makes it into the mobile apps, I can see this being helpful - but (again, other than as another option/method available to those who like choices), I see no need for this on the desktop end. Actually, I'm so happy with the current notification/response system that my email notifications are all automatically marked read, filtered to the appropriate label and archived.

To me (assuming I wasn't filtering) this just adds unnecessary clutter to "solve" a problem that's already solved uniformly and identically in far better fashion across multiple gServices (ie: same very functional notification/response interface on any gService that shows the "You+ Gmail Docs etc" menubar at the top).

Again though, as people interface differently with their computers than each other, I can't say its a bad thing overall (people may prefer this method) - I simply find it unecessary duplication (with less capabilities) for my desktop Google experience.
So has anyone confirmed if this mail integration also works for those reading gmail via IMAP etc.? It looks to me that this isn't the case and that it's more a special-case handling for the gmail web interface only. If that is the case, it seems little overkill.

However.. if this gmail experience is there to allow subscribed threads appear as email threads. then it might be very handy to approach it that way. I spend most of my time reading posts on G+ and their comments.. I will comment myself if I have anything to contribute. But the contribution volume is much less than what I read. Maybe that is what Google have in mind here.. that posts you're actively involved in act like email threads.
+Michael Gray : It is indeed regrettable, that Google is not giving out the migration tool sooner. I have seen +Vic Gundotra promising it in a post. I wonder how long this is going to take?!!!
+Michael Gray : Its also possible that this feature request is less in demand as compared to other requests, though +Google+ does give updates every week, they take their time in obvious features. some times I have to wonder why they don't give the obvious things already.
Replying to a g+ post is great for people who have gmail notifications set up already. :)
+Greg Finn : I have to whole-heartedly disagree with the title you have given to this article. In no way g+ is invading gmail.

In your g+ settings, you can choose to receive or not to receive notifications from g+. This is not invasive. g+ has only made it easier for people who have gmail notifications to do things better and faster. Previously I had to click & go to a g+ page to comment on a post. Now I can do it from my inbox, saving lots of time.

Also when I send to a friend's inbox, who doesn't know about g+ notification box at top, they can full see the post and interact with it instead of going to another page. This is such a useful feature. I don't see any point in calling this invasive.
I hope you update the article.

As +Jana Fung , has clearly mentioned , getting notifications has been there as soon as g+ launched, but you always had the option to turn it off. and quite a few have done that.
And I agree with +Jana Fung , they have made this feature fully interactive. And this a wonderful thing for us.
+Danny Sullivan : I feel this is only for the web version.
But you can use a filter to archive your g+ posts, as soon as you receive them and keep them away, right?

How is Twitter's Direct messaging better to g+?
I'm not using twitter, but I set g+ to ping me if someone mentions me and send it to my inbox. I never miss any mentions for my name or if someone comments on my post.

If you have time, can you elaborate on this? :)
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