My first post from a Chromebook Pixel. Biggest issue so far is that the display resolution is 1280x850, which feels cramped compared to my MacBook Retina, which runs 1440x900 by default and which I take up to 1680x1050.

-> Postscript: I have a 15" MacBook Pro Retina. The 13" would be less display resolution that the Chromebook Pixel has, a bit. So on display, they compare well. Then again, you can still take the 13" up to much higher display resolution. 

What, I hear you say -- you thought the Chromebook Pixel had more pixels than the MacBook Retina? Maybe if you're counting pixel resolution, which means a clearer, sharper image. But display resolution is what you can see, how much you can see, as my CNET article below explains.

It wouldn't be a problem if you could change the display resolution on the Chromebook Pixel. That way, you could sacrifice a tiny bit of screen quality for more room. But that doesn't appear to be an option. I can't find any setting for this anywhere (the MacBook Pro Retina does allow this).

That leads to my next big issue, how terrible using Gmail is. I'm an Outlook user. I like that Outlook lists what's in my inbox, gives me plenty of space for the preview pane and if I want to reply, it's one click to get a fresh new window for plenty of space to compose.

-> Postscript: Offline Gmail might solve these issues for me.

For me, trying to use Gmail on the Chromebook Pixel in the same way is a nightmare. You can't adjust your various panes. You get a fourth people pane by default, and if you turn that off, you still have the space taken up, just the people don't show. If you reply, it's a tiny space you work in. The alternative is that you can pop-open an email into its own window, but then you have to hit reply again. Without Outlook, reply opens a new reply window automatically.

Since a huge amount of my time is spent on email, this is a productivity downgrade. If I could change my display resolution, that would help. If I could better configure Gmail, that would help. If I can't do either, and that seems to be the case, then learning new habits might help. But alternatively, just staying on a MacBook Pro Retina could perhaps be the better option :)

The testing continues....
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