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Google Store awesomeness 
unused plural form
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I need that cookie jar.
you'd pay 72 bucks for the privilege of having a corporate advertisement on display in your house?
That is pretty awesome, Danny. Didn't see any ice cream sandwiches, though. Wassup widdat?
Randomly, where is the store located? Do you just walk into the main headquarters, where all the Android the statues are? (We drove around the area, forgot to look for the store, so just curious.)
I love Google shop...
What, no Panda wear? waa waaa waaa waaaaaa

I dig the Android Surfboard shirt.
+Leo Deegan sorry I missed you again! next time i'll do a better job getting around. Had a pretty packed day of meetings today, though. Quick visit to the store was my only break!

+Kevin McCurley I was!
Where to buy all this stuff? can order online?
Google is getting a following that will truly clash with the Apple cult.
+Kevin McCurley They might, but their allegiance is to Google. And I was talking about a broader scope, not only Google employees. :-)

Is because I am seeing a growing following of Google from some time, I might count myself as one of those just a little, because Google is giving so much "good feelings" to users of it's services and products, that people is starting to have a certain attachment to the brand as the Apple followers do.
Not feeling that way. Apple creates appliances, I want nothing to do with. Why would Google walk in Apple footsteps when it can create new ones!
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