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What's the most annoying way you find people using certain tech? Like for me, it's when people use iPads as "cameras" at concerts. I'm Looking for gripes by others for something I'm working on. So go ahead .... vent :)
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To everyone his own. I remember a few years ago (pre-iphone) when I was taking pictures with my phone & had people complaining to me about that.
I find it really annoying when people use Google+ as a way to funnel people to their blogs and web sites, instead of interacting with the community here.
people filming with their phone in portrait mode! the clue is in the name, if you're not filming a portrait it looks pants, and even then it rarely looks good!
For me, actually, it's the way some don't use their tech. Like my wife who uses an iPhone and has an iPad. She's a cosmetologist who forgets appointments sometimes even though she has access to her calendar whenever she has her phone or tablet, but she doesn't think enough of what she has to create reminders! That actually annoys the heck out of me!
Technology for technology's sake generally annoys me.

I particularly hate attending meetings where someone shows a word document on an iPad, despite on more than one occasion having compatibility or connection issues, just to be trendy.
Using tablets as cameras is the worst! I went to an F1 race last year and I had multiple douches in front of me taking pictures/filming with their ipads. 
You're a tool if you bring an iPad to a concert. And everyone who holds their phone up to take video during concerts are idiots too. No one gives a crap or wants to see the video of the concert you were at. Either watch and enjoy the damn concert live or stay home (and out of the way) and  watch the other millions of hours of boring concert video that are already on the interwebs.
Oh and those that take videos or pictures with their ipads also like those cases/covers that when taking a picture, hangs down and takes up twice as much space for the people behind them. 
I used to help someone who insisted that when you got to the end of a page in a word document you had to create a new page at the beginning of the document to keep going.

I also have to agree that using tablets as cameras is really annoying. especially because of how long they usually take to take the photo. I was at a wedding where a person in front of me was holding the tablet up throughout the entire wedding. I took the photos I got by focusing on their screen. Otherwise I would only have gotten them in the picture.
Wait till you see the same users using iWatch to watch HD movies.
When people use one of the most powerful, miniaturized computers that mankind has ever developed, to play Flappy Birds.
To me, its only when i see people putting a large phablet or tablet to their ear talking like a normal size cell phone.. Its looks obnoxius
when people watch things in SD when you can just as easily watch it in HD on a different channel
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