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We were promised jetpacks. Well, they exist. I flew one last weekend, and it was awesome. Video of my flight with +Jetlev Southwest is below.
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Did they discourage you from porpoising?
foo fighters in the background just makes this more awesome. thanks for sharing!!
OK, that's looks like insane amounts of fun. What's the thrust on one of those like?
+Justin Kozuch No idea. They run the throttle from the shore.
+Rob Pegoraro Yeah, they said do you want to drop? I said sure. I didn't realize I'd pitch forward. Water. Is. Hard.
Some people have all the luck, I saw this a while ago, it is cool that they have made a business based on this. Was it fairly easy to control?
Looks fun! I'd want to dive and blast off like a Navy sub on an emergency ascent.
Eric Wu
That's EPIC! I'll have to come down to Newport one weekend and try that out. How long was the whole thing? and was there a lot of "learning" or is it more like strap on and go?
+Eric Wu It was a half-hour. They do it in two parts and told me to expect the first part to be a lot of drinking up water or "the drowning phrase." But I got up right away, which was very cool -- especially because the people in front of me were first-timers who also got right up. The instructor was very good.
Awesome! Bet that was an exciting flight! :)
that looks so awesome... got it on my 'list..
I would love to do this - even though I am a poor swimmer!
OMG - I have to try that! It looks like you were having a lot of fun! #jealous  
You did this on my birthday! Why didn't I think to do this???
Jetpacks! Jetpacks!  
Tim KH
Wwpj, great band, nice reference.
I saw a couple of guys flying what I assume is the same  jet pack a few months ago, in just about the same place. My video wasn't anywhere nearly  as good as that though.
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