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I gave up on Digg when it began auto-burying anything from sites that for whatever reason, the masses there decided were spam even if they weren't. Not happy to see Reddit might be headed down the same path.
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I have a question, who owns Reddit? Or major holder etc whatever it may be, since I feel banning major sites from reddit could lead to a majorly skewing the redirects from the site
Digg finally revealed it was pro-AIPAC and anti-anybody that wasn't... with exception upon free beer.
Global Post, which was affected along with Atlantic and Business Week, is doing some of the very best international journalism around, even though they aren't a traditional media player (check out their reporting on Egypt over the past year, or their "on location" videos).  There has to be a better way for reddit to handle this.
I agree. Reddit gods could have handled this better and been a bit more transparent. But I guess that is the problem with moderated spaces like that. 
Recently experienced a similar experience with a client using reddit.
has anyone had the same issue with Reddit ads or are they happy if you are paying to manipulate their audience???
+Eloy Sanchez Reddit was owned by Condé Nast but I believe it was spun off as it's own corporate body. The decision was probably made after some sort of surge in frustration coming from a subset of their user base. These types of decisions are typically made if the user base gets upset.
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