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It would be awesome if they replaced their Place Pages with their Google+ brand pages... or at least integrated the two!!
No live hangouts for G+ pages yet tho. At least the ones that I'm a team member of..

Fingers crossed.
One of the brand pages that I manage has gained over 100k followers in just the past two weeks. Remarkable growth on G+ for business.
Saeed W
Really interesting graphic. I feel the sky's the limit for Google+ brand pages because of suite of Google products that will hopefully one day be seamlessly intertwined with a company's 360degree marketing campaign.
That's pretty good. It's not crazy growth, but it's growth nevertheless. What timezone is the "engagement by hour"?
+Salvatore Surra - Got any tips to pass on to get growth like that? Not bad!
Be active, add the badge to your site, add the button, engage, put out good quality content. Really no surprises but just got started early. The site was one of the first on g+ and it grew like the chart on this post until about two weeks ago when the new ui came out. From that point it's really taken off as google is suggesting pages to people and this page comes up a lot for a certain market. It's a well known and respected brand so people are happy to add it on their circles, but the growth has been astronomical over the past two weeks thanks to Google's suggest Algo. 
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