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This wasn't the year for Google+ being mentioned as part of Super Bowl ads. It'll be interesting to see if that changes next year.
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Pretty interesting stat from the article was that 77 out of the top 100 brands (according to Bright Edge) have Google+ pages. My question is, how many of those 77 had Super Bowl ads and neglected Google+?
Do we really need the masses to swarm to G+ for foosball crap? nah...I'd much rather G+ remain interesting
Shazaam was all over the place too (not a social network, but still)
I bet those numbers would improve if G+ let us create custom URLs without
Come on every marketer wants to see "add us to your circle at /261657151745157462!"
G+ should have named itself 'Winning' so the icon could be a big W - then when mentioned in ad's it would be FTW! (That and they probably could have talked Charlie Sheen into promoting it... I hear he's not working now)
We need friendly urls... more flexibility on visible names ... google should listen to its users..
Despite the overwhelming growth, generally speaking, marketers aren't encouraging the use of G+. As long as marketers refuse to accept that G+ is a viable, arguably better, social platform for companies G+ will never get mentioned in a major ad campaign.
Not using Google+ is going to be a long term mistake. Search, engagement level and the ability to more completely tell your story are just a few of the reasons that will change in the future!
Shhh don't tell everybody that Jim, let the non-Google+ believers slowly sink while we take advantage of the opportunity! ;-P
Is it possible that there are so many fully vested top-management employees at Google that they are just asleep at the switch?  Google Plus, Google Books, Google Plus, Chrome OS are so rarely mentioned anywhere except on Google itself.

Selling out of hot products is generally a good thing, but a full month before Christmas the Google Play store had no products to sell.  Modesty may be a virtue, but it isn't good business.

Who at Google should have tapped these companies on the shoulder and incentivised them to mention G+ and why couldn't there have been a G+ ad on its own?

Google+ the second largest social network?   Maybe.   But the quite often the contacts that are suggested to me have never posted anything or even initialized their profile.   That comes from making it so easy for a new Android or an existing Youtube user to be counted as a G+ user when they may never have heard of the product.
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