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Google has t-shirts in company store remembering special events including the Google Dance
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They really should bring back the days when we were allowed to visit the inner workings of the googleplex. Those were some great events. 
I went to the Google Dance at the #Googlreplex  in 2006, the last year +Danny Sullivan had his Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose. +Rand Fishkin  did the last session of the conference on something he called Social Media Marketing. Google almost did not let me in to the Google Complex because I had a video camera. Of course everyone was filming with their phone. I interviewed Danny and called it "Danny Sullivan is going to be OK."
I had numerous Google Dance t - shirts back in the day. I also remember people stealing bean bags and couches from the first Google Dance....oh the wild west days of Search.
...and seriously, do they know how to throw a party or what?  #offthehook  ;-)
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