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Surprised to see some names like Cult Of Mac or PaidContent on the losers list, but these might not be losers but perhaps due to news fluctuations.
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Hi all

I'm not convinced that its a good update at all, there appears to be a lot of "strange" results at the moment. Some websites seem to have taken a hit, while others who are blatantly spamming (even from an on-site stance alone) have shot up!
Interesting. I was familiar with FrugalDad.
hey +John Britsios, nice to meet you. I totally agree, I'm trying to figure out why one website was hit at the moment, I'm thinking maybe excessive usage of <h> tags (built into a theme), but to be honest I don't know! Hopefully the update will be tweaked as per the usual routine?!
It seems like wiki is still the queen and crap sites with little or no relevant content are now at the top? eeek
Well I see 2x usage of h1 (one is an empty logo class), 4x h3 and 5x h5, many of which contain keywords. It looks like it was done mainly for styling, more than a deliberate attempt. I guess we'll find out when the page is re-crawled? :)
+Jonathan Walker I cannot imagine that the number of <h> tags you mentioned could cause an affect from this algo. I had a quick look at your site and looks pretty clean. For sure it would be advisable to update the usage of the <h> tags. Not everything is about search engines. Use semantic tags for users! If I was you, I would aslo advise you to also check the health your links profile. Here is a great tip how to do that

I already added in one of my previous comments here my thoughts about this algo update and link schemes, but I will add it here again:
hey +John Britsios thanks for the input,the usage of headings seemed to stand out a little to me,so thought I should run with that (and see if I can get some other theme based issues resolved while I'm there!), I'll have a look at the links as per the post - that looks very helpful indeed.
How can the previous update have positively affected sites that this one negatively affected? Google makes no sense and offers no explanation. No wonder our economy is screwed up. these Web companies now have us by the balls. Don't be fooled, its always about money and the stock. Not about good results.
Google us no longer our friend now that they have serious competition from Facebook. They are a businesses only looking to maximize profits.
I don't mind Google maximizing profits. I just wish their search results didn't get less and less relevant with every new "update."
Maybe Google now recognise sheep as spam? #flamewar
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