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I love the lightbar on the Chromebook Pixel, but it goes off soon after you close the lid. I want it to keep going, battery be damned.
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I'm definitely a sucker for good lighting on products, but it's still not worth 1300 bucks =D
The Chromestore just isn't good enough yet to justify this money
Lightbar is great, but dont wanna pay to much just for browser?
If an Android IDE for ChromeOS is unveiled during Google I/O, it will be very hard for me to resist (as long as you can replace the 32 go ssd by something a little bit larger..).
Agree with you.Damn the battery. Lights should be on.
That is cool. I'd like to see something similar on the Lenovo machines.
Anyone figure out if we can hack the lightbar with javascript or something?
I've done some research, and it looks like the lightbar serves the same purpose as the condition lights on any other lapotop (hard drive function, battery condition, ac versus dc power, etc). For anyone that can afford one of these, it doesn't look like there will be an issue with the lightbars operation.

(just really, really cool!!)
so the lightbar isn't just for show. Like it is on macs?
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