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i Cjay
Do they sell things online?
how about a link.
i Cjay
Thank you +Erica Joy for the link, Gonna Google in style now 8)
I probably spend way too much at the Google Store. 
I'm still waiting for the celebrity line of t-shirts that says something like "I'm Paris Hilton's +1"
Did you see the huge youtube mug? That's my favorite! working for Google now? ;)
i got a lovely green stan the dinosaur tshirt for my son stan is in gold. v fetching!
Can I put in a request? I would like to order a set of nice Ties. different colors with Google Logo's on it. Android, Chrome, Apps, Google Logo, a +1, etc.. Definitely Black and Blue would be nice with the logo either center bottom or off center. Surprise me... :)
I love the Stan t-shirts and the skate board decks!
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