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Heh. Chromebook has "Australian" scrolling.
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dah hell is that? lol... 
I like my scrolling to be American, none of this Australian scrolling crap lol
No Wukkas scrolling. Nice!  I can only assume the simple scrolling term was trademarked by apple?
I noticed this a few months ago and can't say I get the choice.  Sure I now what they're saying, but it can't be the best name they came up with
I was about to report my new Chromebook as broken when I found this setting.

I guess it's "Australian" because it's upside down?
I wonder if "Brazilian" scrolling would remove the cat hair from my keyboard?
scrolling that doesn't work over Christmas, goes surfing instead.
Let me guess, you throw the Cromebook like a boomerang to scroll?
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