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Most of us in the US -- 82% -- still use phones to take pictures, followed by 80% sending text messages. But more than half now access the web through our phones. That means the smartphone/dumbphone divide is disappearing more. Well, dumbphones ("feature phones") are.
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Matt H
Only problem with the rise of smartphones and the loss of "dumbphones" is that not everyone can afford the price of cell plans that mandate the use of smartphones.  I text and use the phone.  I would love to be able to access G+ or Facebook or even be able to Google something when it's needed.  But the price of data plans are prohibitively expensive still.

Why should I have to be forced to buy a smartphone if I can't afford the cell plan that 3/4ths of the phone's features use?  It's stupid.
+Matt Hydeman folks with limited means could buy a used or prepaid smartphone and use wifi. You're only required to get a data plan if you purchase the phone through a plan.
Matt H
Free public wifi is not as broad outside of major cities, so that's not the answer, +Jill Nyahay -- though I do see your point.  =)

As for prepaid, I tried that.  I had data, but I wasn't allowed to use Twitter or even look up things on Google.  What's the use? =\
I have Credo on the Sprint network and their plans are very reasonable, and I've got unlimited data, text and picture and video mail for 70+ a month!
Boost Mobile does for $55 with an Androids for all inclusive.
Owned by Sprint, and run on Sprint Network.
I don't think it's truly unlimited, but 2gb or more... plenty for most users. But yes, data, voice, text, mms, all included. 
It's music/internet/text messages for me, basically and yes, writing my diary in it.
Boost is unlimited data as well.
Kind of a useless statistic.  They don't make any mid range phones any more.  You either have flip phone or a smart phone.  
Next thing you know, we end up with phones that could no longer place calls... he he he...
Almost nobody uses a phone to place calls anymore. I, for instance, rarely communicate with anyone by calling them. Texting affords the capacity to give and receive messages without being intrusive or interfering with schedules.
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