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the semi-famous "Stan" dinosaur and flamingos at Google
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I wonder if they are working on a theme park where they can bring these back to life.... wait that was a movie and it didnt turn out well.
There are now "Stan" t-shirts in the Google store.
There is one gift shop on campus.
Nerds with boatloads of money buy the coolest stuff.
Damn i want to work there lol
Are there still no campus tours for visitors? Would love to see the campus, I have only been able to drive by it on the way to a concert. 
He's always chasing me! There are actually Stan t-shirts in the gift shop, err....Google store (on campus) - I think they're pretty new. Bright green with a gold silhouette of a T-Rex and the text 'Stan'.
I actually went around looking for Stan when I went sight-seeing around Googleplex, but never managed to find him. Guess I should have Googled his location...
I think that if you know somebody who works there they can show you the campu no problem
Has the Google store gone out of beta yet?
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