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Google Chromebook display at Best Buy
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I need to see if they have these at my local Best Buy. I would really like to get my hands on one and see if I like it or not. 
Looks pretty apple from the pic
Nice to see them out in the wild but couldn't they have designed a better display? 
it's a Chrome OS inside, but i wonder if you can install XP instead or even Win7 !?
There's no hard drive. You don't install anything on a Chromebook.
That's kind of sad actually ... Chromebook is cool but this makes it look like an orphan or a lost puppy.
It's easy enough to remote through to a Windows machine if you need to (as long as you have access to a Windows machine) but most Windows apps can be replaced with a cloud app.
Pretty sure those printers are not on the plano... 
Wow. Could samsung make it look anymore like an apple MacBook Pro? Talk about copying design for real this time. 
An Apple MacBook Pro? It looks like a zillion other laptops and ultrabooks to me. But looks aren't the reason to buy a Chromebook, and I somehow doubt that many people are going to walk out of Best Buy with a Chromebook when they intended to buy a MacBook Pro.
No, it definitely looks like a MacBook. See those rounded corners? Obviously a blatant ripoff.
Next thing you know, they'll put an illuminated logo of a Beatles record company on the cover!
I dunno bout' changing the os? All things being equal I'd say NO!
My local +Best Buy has had an end cap ready and waiting for the actual Chromebooks since the week they were supposed to be available in store. No hardware has shown up though. 
Ironically, everyone that I know that would even consider a Chromebook over a Windows PC or a Mac, would not be caught dead in a Best Buy.
Hazzaa to Kent's comment.  Tis true, not sure why the debut store for Chromebook ironically is Best Buy.
They're obviously trying to expand the market beyond the geek crowd. And why not? A Chromebook would be the perfect second or third computer in many households: My wife uses her Windows XP netbook almost exclusively for browsing the Web, checking e-mail, and paying bills from the living-room sofa, and the Chromebook sounds like a great (and inexpensive) replacement for that aging, sluggish computer. It certainly would be a better option than a tablet, since it has a physical keyboard.
This computer has only one use. Internet and cloud management. It's obvious they are trying to really push clouds. But why not just get a real laptop and just use a chrome browser? At least you can upload and install programs if needed. By having just a comp for Internet that means you need a whole other comp for everything else. It's duplication for no reason. A chrome book seems like a tablet with a keyboard. It's definitely for certain people. 
+Kathi Sharp btw, I've check today and there is a 320G hard drive in the Acer and a SSD drive in the Samsung so we can assume that windows can be install 
+Benoit Héroux I just noticed that. I think it's a mistake as it takes away one of the plusses of the Chromebook - low hardware maintenance. It seems they're reaching to a different market with this one. The Chromebook has a specific place in the computing world. I think Google should let it shine where it is.
It's more obvious that each model has a different intended user.  They should pinpoint that a bit more.  Durant's wife should use the Acer version since his identification is more of a household use.  Seems the Samsung 550 is targeted for business use, light, fast, and sports the most mobility.  Then it seems the basic samsung chromebook is clearly for those who want a tablet replacement with a keypad.  It's super light, gives you same functions as tablet, easily same amount of battery time, etc....without being a tablet.

I think clarifying use cases would've helped this a bunch because only 1 of those kinds of people shops at Best Buy (yes, I'm still on Best Buy)...:)
Those who shop at best buy are those who think they are getting a good deal with quality experience. I will say I overheard an associate of bb talking to a customer saying how they jack prices up because they know the people who shop there are very average in tech knowledge. If that's how best buy thinks that should really upset people. And if it doesn't then you should start questioning what kind of consumer are you? Informed or one who believes everything they hear and see? 
why not just buy a tablet and a keyboard for the few times up need it.

the way our best buy is they wont have any of these in stock for 6months 
Exactly +Paul Forcey. A tablet compared to a chrome book is much more portable and faster and better quality. It can also handle more than just having Internet apps on the chrome browser. They have nice keyboards for tablets now. 
Why not just buy a tablet with a keyboard? I'd say the answer depends on your needs. If you're a touch typist, you're likely to prefer a real keyboard all of the time (not just when you're typing the Great American Novel). And there's something to be said for the laptop/notebook form factor, especially at larger sizes.

I don't have a tablet, but I might be tempted by a Google Nexus 7" tablet, because it's no bigger than a book and is a true "mobile device." If I were buying something with a screen size in the 11- or 12-inch range, I'd definitely prefer a laptop/notebook, especially if I planned to do any typing at all.
You can't multitask on a tablet.

Edited to add .. unless it's a TouchPad!
You can't multitask on a tablet.....

That may be a good thing in productivity terms..
+Paul Forcey +Rosendo Rojas
Why a Chromebook instead of a tablet? Because it´s cheaper. Buy a good tablet + a keyboard like a MS Surface RT, iPad, Transformer Prime, Nexus10. they are all several hundred $/€ more expensive. Value for money the ARM Chromebook is by far better. the only thing those tablets can do better is playing videos and skyping. Chromebook can multitask, is safer, has multi-user capability (okay, N10 has that too now) and get´s better over time (other than tablets which are outdated after 6-12 month).
I can buy a Chromebook and make a wekend trip or buy a Nexus 4 for the money I would spend on an iPad with keyboard.
But in the end you need to decide what you need/want and what it is worth to you. I rather spend my money on other stuff than tech and thus settle for cheaper, simpler stuff that still does what I need it for.
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