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All done live blogging the Facebook event. I think perhaps the most awesome thing honestly was how Facebook seems to be reacting to Google+ with a dose of fear. No, they didn't just whip up 1-to-1 video chat over night. But the entire tone and many points all seemed designed to counterbalance any perceived weaknesses. I did a main points wrap-up at the end of my post.
Today, Facebook has promised us something awesome. The press has assembled. I'm here with them, and the live blogging will soon pour forth from my finger.
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I completely agree with your take Danny that their entire presentation was tainted with a vibe of concern over Google+, and was geared toward rebutting its importance preemptively.
Video has been a longtime coming as a form of communication - folks have been toying with video messaging for years - is it ready for mass consumption???

I wonder how Microsoft will react to this??
"But the entire tone and many points all seemed designed to counterbalance any perceived weaknesses."

This is fun :)
Hey, can't blame them, Facebook has MANY investors to keep happy, and investors love exponential graphs...gotta keep rolling that valuation uphill.
Thanks, Danny, great job!
When Bill Gates was running Microsoft, I thought he was weirdly paranoid for always trying to kill competition as though it would kill them otherwise. I guess he was right for his company, just wrong for the ecosystem.
Facebook's "many investors" must be having a very, very bad week, I think.
Lot of things they were saying were directed at Google+ like where all your friends already are . They are scare for sure
I had a question the video calling plugin gets downloaded as .exe , So how could I install that on Linux?
Its ironic it took Facebook this long to come out with video chat. Google just released their social network and had it immediately. Is FB turning into the Yahoo! of Search: complacent with the status quo, reacting later?
but isn't one- to -one video like, so last week?
Zuckerberg is downplaying lists? Really? in that respect it's interesting to note, that not three days after the launch of Google+ some Facebook engineers produced a hack for Facebook mimicking almost exactly Google+ Circles ...
Yeah, that amused me, too. "We've found that only about five percent of users use lists" SO WE RUSHED RIGHT OUT AND MIMICKED GOOGLE'S IMPLEMENTATION (KINDA) IMMEDIATELY!
To be fair, they did have lists, and no one did use them, partly because of the awful interface (I know because I went through several iterations of my Facebook lists). So Google Plus will have to do more than just Circles to be compelling.
Not necessarily, Avi: a good (notional) feature with an implementation so poor that "no one uses it" says nothing about whether the same good feature, with an excellent implementation, might be compelling.

If the first "convertible" had had a top which required a full engineer's tool set and four hours to take off and put on, it wouldn't have achieved any popularity. You'd be mistaken to assume, on that basis, that convertibles were a bad idea in general.
David, I'm not arguing against good design creating functionality where no one knew they needed it: I've been a UI/UX person for decades. I'm saying that a Facebook has the underlying functionality and can create an interface almost as nice as Circles. So as differentiating factors go, it's not a huge deal.

I suspect that all-pervasive integration will be why people switch to Google+. When your phone automatically uploads to Google Pictures and then tells you about it, no reason to use Flickr. When your Docs sharing goes through Google+ and your blog commenting goes through Google+ and your Google Groups reading is integrated into Google+ your email notification comes through Google+ and your search history shows up in the Sparks area in Google+, it will be hard to resist. I don't actually think this is a good thing -- I much prefer a diverse ecosystem.
"...can create an interface almost as nice as Circles..."

Perhaps. Facebook gives every appearance of being a rather fragile site—apparent AJAX race conditions are all over the place—and their engineers have not really proven to be the most adept at excellent user experience, in my view... Your Mileage May Vary...
+Avi Rappoport: "Facebook has the underlying functionality and can create an interface almost as nice as Cirles" ... Yeah, sure, as Microsoft basically offers the same functionalities as Apple but in the end it's still the product with the better UI/UX that prevails and rightly so.

Anyway, if Facebook could create an interface as nice as circles, why didn't they do it until now?
io Wint
Gud they got this feature! BUT too bad Zuckerbargs "Awesomeness" is jus a video chat and group chat!
All systems have priorities, Facebook's have been scaling enormously, social graphing stuff and advertising.

And I did say almost as nice as Circles ;-)
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