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Big changes coming soon to Google Search, the WSJ reports. Actually, what it writes about is already here. It sounds like we're going to get more direct answers, but I don't think it will be quite the massive change as described. We'll see. My take, below.
The Wall Street Journal is out with a story saying that Google is about to make one of the biggest changes in its history of offering web search, providing more direct answers and gaining “semantic” s...
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Thanks for pointing out this is (in part) Google Squared technology, Danny. So ironic to see Amit Singhal promoting this as the next big thing, when he fought it tooth and nail when we originally built this.
That's much like DuckDuckGo's Zero-click info! Right?
lol I have just finished reading the article before you posted it on here :)

I don't get why they are bringing up so many old things which are already in place on google? I get that its a good way to cover up or push back some of the bad PR google has had lately, but surely they would be better of reporting some changes to something new?

Maybe google could work on the API for G+ so we can have some sort of automated posting system like we do with FB and Twitter?! That would be a much better change (and something new) to get people talking about!
And you somehow managed to turn that article into Google "talking big"?
I'm really puzzled as to where in the article you found Google making any big promises, as opposed to WSJ making the promises for them?
Advertising was omitted in the article. Any views on that? I'm wondering could search result pages become area where to stay for a longer time.
This article just goes to show how behind the mainstream press are in terms of understanding search. Maybe that journalist should read searchengineland a bit more eh Danny?
+Dan Crow Isn't that kind of behaviour typical of people? First they are apart of the naysayers and then they'll be the first to try to claim credit for the idea or try to act as if they were one of the core backers of the idea.
Danny... My guess is that you never get tired of being a bad ass and having fun all at the same time .. ;-)
Haven't used Siri, but long before Siri existed I've loved the speech recognition features of my Android phone (Moto Droid R2D2 - long click on search icon) and use them all the time. Anything that has the potential to make that more powerful is great, and I think this does.
Google shot itself in the foot by saying Bing does something better? Admitting that an opponent has one advantage over you is screwing up? Well, you write a lot more than I do, but really?
My guess is that what they hope to do is provide people with answers from this enormous database they have been building and perhaps give them this info without leading the searcher away from a Google property. Afterall, revenue generation is all about keeping the eyes on Google landscape... er, netscape?
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