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i personally liked the old design... that bar with primary colors on it looked nice.... nicer than this new thing.
Google is turning into the anti-design company. "You like this? No. I don't care."
i think Google is try hard to unify and brand all the products....not that I like this particular change...
When it's next to "tweet this" or "like" buttons, it looks totally out of place.
I'm not even all that concerned with such things normally, but man the new +1 button is ugly and even somewhat difficult to read (on Google+ itself). It looks much, much better outside of Google+.
idd.. good point to see that little devil detail
its not terrible. itll just take some getting used to... like when they changed the logo to what it is now. I HATED the new logo change then, but now, i kinda like it.
Any clue when it rolls out? Not seeing it on any sites we've implemented it on nor in G+ itself yet.
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