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This +American Airlines "Lift The Shade" competition was pretty fun. I mean, I just wanted to play and see if I could guess what was outside more than I really wanted to win. I wish I could have lifted more shades. Bummer, however, that to get an extra entry, you have to share on Twitter or Facebook. Google+, where I learned about this, isn't an option.
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I have to wonder what kind of avarice, desparation and collusion is involved in these marketing efforts that require Facebook and twitter activity.
I predict more class action lawsuist, perhaps even FTC complaints.
In fact, I wonder what would happen if a grass roots movement began where people started to complain to the Federal Trade Commission every time they see one of these offers that requires giving up personal information without explicit knowlege or consent, via a Facebook or twitter account?
The implications of this marketing activity indicate intentional and profound violation of privacy. American Airlines wants to know everything they can about you. Do you consent to that? I'm guessing very few people would knowingling and willingly consent to release that much information to American Airlines, or any corporation, for that matter.
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