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"If Google itself can’t come up with a better experience for its own social network on the latest version of its own mobile operating system, why should any other company be going above and beyond?"
Seemingly taking no chances, Apple didn’t just announce cool features in the new iPad. It also took at dig at Android tablets, to show how the iPad is better than they are. Called on behalf of the pro...
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It seems Google doesn't care about the tablet for the time being
It's a powerful argument that no one can really refute. The facts are the facts. They need to get their mess together.
15.4 million iPads sold in the 4th Quarter 2011....and the Google + app for the iPad is a glorified stretched iPhone app. Don't see G+ embracing it for whatever reason, and it's stupid.
The only way to counter Apples legitimate criticism is for Google to focus on making android 4- ics and 5 amazing for tablets. There has been a chicken and egg game between android tablets and the os and even between developers and android for tablets.

These missteps have cost android tablet adoption dearly. But the saving grace is that google eventually gets things right and then innovates at such a furious pace that everything else plays catchup.

In some ways that's what happened with android phones .. Notifications , voice commands were Apple playing catchup.
Maybe so, but the OS devices are still outselling the Android those Android devices....
If you want to use Twitter on a tablet for some reason, just get Tweetcomb, problem solved.
Twitter will be making a Win8 Metro app.. Think Win8 will eat Androids' dinner..
This is just wrong. Firstly, Twitter isn't Google's social network so why should they care? It's Twitter's problem and frankly, Twitter is very lame.

And developing for Android is certainly easier than developing for iOS. Aside from Java being an easier language than ObjC (I know both), the experience with dealing with Android in general is better. The barriers to entry are lower. Getting a developer license isn't going to send your accounting department into a tizzy because Apple is famously hard to deal with.
I think google not only needs to focus on making advanced android but to make that version available on maximum devices... I am a huge Android fan and love its awesome cool features which iOS is trying to come up with....but the fact remains I have a android phone which I bought few months ago...but stil cant make a basic video call from it...and am not sure when will I ever get the "promised" software upgrade....

I am skeptical when people talk about numbers that say there are more androids than ios devices...but the case is we are trying to compare 50 android devices with 3 different version of OS (none of them would be the latest) with one device with one os...if we try to compare the best android device with best iphone device...I am sure the figures will state otherwise.....

Google comes up with awesome mobile operating system...but there very few users using that system....then why do you think developers would bother creating apps with those cool new features....
The lag in rolling out ICS is a valid criticism of Google - I agree this is unacceptable. But the difference in Android version really doesn't matter that much to a developer. The press is ridiculously kind to Apple even though they are in 2nd or 3rd place in the market depending on where you live. Android isn't just in first place, they are way way ahead of Apple.
+David LaPointe I agree android is way way ahead of apple but only when it comes to comparing OS features....But look at it from users point of view...are these cool features ever available to the end users? hardly...most of the android users are still stuck with Froyo..and remaining lucky ones with Ginger bread. This is where apple wins the battle....whenever it comes up with new version of OS...most of it is available to the end users...and thus both developers and users both can enjoy it...
my quesiton is, why the writer of the article needs so many phones?
Well, not too many Froyo phones left and even cheapie ones are on the latest version of Gingerbread today.

When I developed an app it was trivial to make the same app compile on everything from 3.2 to 2.0. Screen size was a much bigger problem (but solvable) but sadly many major software vendors are too lazy to add a line of code or two to deal with it.

The core O/S software is slightly different problem. Ice Cream Sandwich needs to get out there. Five months and counting is ridiculous. Honeycomb was kind of a Beta product. Time to finish it.

Apple wins the battle for now because 1) when they announce something you can actually go out and buy it, and 2) the press loves Apple, and 3) IOS users, for some reason, blow money on apps like crazy. However, the passage of time is not in Apple's favour. Just as cheap cell phone chipsets destroyed Nokia, they will eventually destroy this business for Apple. The need to move their business off this treadmill, but every way off is blocked by the Amazons and Googles and Microsofts of the world.
+David LaPointe According to the latest stats ( 25% of Android handsets are still running Froyo... so apparently these users are stuck or just don't want to upgrade. But yes, there aren't too many new Froyo phones being sold.

The more curious story is Gingerbread which, rather than showing signs of plateauing, actually accelerated its growth in February compared to January (3.1% growth in January vs. 3.4% growth in February).
+David LaPointe If you dont mind me asking..why do you think cheap chipsets destroyed Nokia? From what I see its the outdated software that couldn't keep up with android or ios destroyed Nokia sales...and thats the reason the company has taken shelter with MS....

Plus the same argument can be applied to Android devices too..its not that Google is going out of the way to make sure the hard ware is top notch (which I feel that Apple is doing)
But Twitter itself is a pretty infuriating service IMHO. No matter how sexy you make the client, the underlying foundation is terrible: limited message size, poor conversation tracking. If someone surveyed G+, I bet a majority of messages are over 140 characters.

I've used twitter to broadcast links, but never once have I had a meaningful conservation on it.
Yeah, I'm still not that impressed with the iPad Twitter app.
+Gaurang Dave if you can't figure out how to make a basic video call from an Android phone, you've failed at life...just saying
+Ryan Azurin You are missing the point here...its not about figuring out how to make a video call...its about the OS version that supports it..and availability of that OS...I got my android device a year after the ginger bread OS was out....still I am stuck with Froyo (even though my hardware supports Gingerbread) ...I know there are apps to make a video call (Skype, Tango...) but do you know those apps are really buggy or video calling support is not available for all the devices (even though running same OS version)....Have you used Skype on iphone...flawless! Google+ hangouts are not supported on many android devices...where as its fully integrated on iphone....

Again dont get me argument is not about making a freaking video call...its about the features that the platform supports and features that are actually available to the end users....there are always options such as rooting ur phone and upgrading it but you obviously know the risks that comes with it...

PS : Dont take me as an apple fanboy...i am a huge android fan...and will never be switching sides...just trying to point our some serious issues from perspective of users who dont pick sides.. :)
+Gaurang Dave - Nokia's business model was based on selling well-made feature phones and they were once the leader. At some point, maybe 6-7 years ago, chip manufacturers put together everything you need for a cell phone on a cheap standard commodity chipset. At this point every Korean and Chinese company could make dirt cheap phones and destroy Nokia's low end business. It is easy to build any device when there is a standard chipset out there. This will eventually happen to Apple in the hardware world once the room to innovate gets less (and since the new iPad isn't all that amazing, that future may be sooner than you think).

The funny thing was someone mentioned to me today that they really liked their spouse's Nokia Symbian-based phone. For a lot of people this does what they need. Similarly, the Blackberry will cling to life in some markets.
hmmmm...after reading your post I do agree that cheaper phones low quality phones might be a problem for apple in fact i think its true for all apple products....I've seen people going for PC just because they are getting same configuration a lot cheaper (and as you said it does what they want)...having said not sure whether Apple products ever targeted low end market...I mean i cant think of a mac book or imac version that competes with cheaper PC version....
+Gaurang Dave - what I was more thinking of was Moore's law. A $699 iPad should cost $350 in a couple years, and $175 a couple years after that. It makes Apple's margins less and less unless they come out with the next big feature and it each year makes the competition stronger. The problem is you run out of features needed in a 'fondleslab' (as The Register calls it - love that term) pretty quickly.

What drives me nuts is journalists that jump on the Apple bandwagon and/or criticize everything Google does.
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