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I sure wish Google+ was integrated. I like how my Galaxy Nexus has integration for Facebook, Twitter, Google, you name it.
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iOS is very limited with its sharing.
i can share to like 20 different services with android, g+ included.
With usage of FB declining and concern over privacy issues tie with FB is bad. G+ integration should have been there.
Yes it should have, but it won‘t,
+Benjamen Meiers I do. But it's also nice if you're viewing a picture to be able to click on share and natively share it sometimes, too.
Not sure what you mean?  When you say "natively integrated" do you mean that the next version of iOS will allow you to share with Facebook without having a FB app installed?  If so, that's bizarre!  

If that's not what you meant then I suggest you need to look at installing the G+ app (which surely you have already though... so I'm confused!)
The integration is coming.  Android was a major step towards it.
+Erik Kim I wish companies would stop hating if another comes up with an idea or uses one first. We should be working together and building a better tomorrow. #icandream   #canti  ? :D
If I didn't use it, I really wouldn't want it taking up space on my phone. That's how we got to 20GB operating systems.
+Stephen Vanderwarker I wish that were the case but with the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, etc., it makes it next to impossible to live by that standard unmolested.  These companies are known to and/or attempt at killing off their competitors through almost any means.
Few good companies like Google are in a unique position to fend for themselves.  The stories I could tell about those miscreants would upset any fair minded consumers.
One major advantage Android has over iOS is the way the OS itself is built from the ground up with so many hooks deep into the OS. This is the reason the share button in Android actually means Share and not just posting to Twitter or Facebook like in iOS. iOS is a fine OS, but it nearly isn't as powerful as Android in terms of a third party app to get deep hooks into the systems. This is also the reason why the permissions model in Android is more powerful compared to iOS.
It's sad! We always wanna be the best, but I feel by suing eachother all the time we're wasting time we could be using to improve eachothers ideas.... #greedkills  
And Path and any other 3rd party app that comes along.  It's better for the newcomers. 
+Stephen Vanderwarker True, but your comment takes a balanced stance on the issue which is in error.  The lion share of the blame falls on companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle.  Companies like Google are merely defending themselves.  When was the last time you heard of Google suing another company to destroy fair competition?  You haven’t because it never happened.  Now ask that same question to Apple & Microsoft and you could write a book on it.
One of the great potential problem I foresee are comments just like what you made.  People will distribute the blame equally to all companies involved, the good and the bad ones, leaving the wrong impression in what really happened.  Why is this a point?  Imagine if I committed an act that’s harmful to you.  Then you reacted to protect yourself.  Then a 3rd party looking into the situation blames both you and me equally.  Then things get settled but at a huge cost to you while although I incurred cost as well I’ve also benefitted from my act.  This would be an injustice and injustice is happening right in front of our eyes as we speak.
Everybody is @war with google. Everyone wants to shut google down by partnering with Google's competitor. Feels like G is fighting the battle alone. Hope and wish Mr G will win in the long run. Good luck Google!!!
It seems like it would have been better to release an api so that apps can hook into a standard share system ala the the intent system on android.
+andrew cool I believe +Andy Rubin founded +Android in 2005, two years before Apple released the first gen iPhone. If they shared what they were developing with Rubin, which I doubt, then you might be correct. However I think you're mistaken.
+Michael Hansen its just weird, to me, that they'd add two separate social products as one offs without just exposing an api. Its more than just G+, pinterest or LinkedIn or any of a dozen photo sites... it just makes sense to make this stuff extensible.
Well definitely, Apple should have allowed Google+.. It's seems that FB, Twitter, MS, and Apple as well are trying to compete with
+Google. You can see from the fact that they ditched +Google Maps, and then comparing total ICS user with their iOS5. I meant com'n Apple makes their own devices, so it is easy for them to force the update hence everyone has the same OS. On other hand, hundreds of manufacturers makes Android phones so obviously it will take time. Well, the main part dummy Apple don't understand is that we are tired of seeing same black and white rectangular devices.. How many middle class people have iPhone comparing to +Android devices? .. Wellz, I personally can't afford an iPhone, but I sure can afford an +Android device.... and I do... 
While making a decision to buy an iPhone how many will pay because it has deeper integration with Facebook. I wont. I could share in FB if I wanted even with 0 integration.
How will apple feel if facebook's app store gains mobility success and eats into profits? And does this mean facebook are canning their plans to make a phone? I'm not sure this is a wise partnership.
crapples gettin desperate thats why their suing the world
I love my nexus and it's a shame that Apple is closing doors rather than opening them..
Apple should change their slogan to "yesterday's features, today!"
Google probably doesn't mind being left out with Google + and maps. The FTC is kind of breathing down there necks with monopoly talk.
Apple is doing to Android what M$ has done to open source for years... adopt others' innovation, improve it, repackage it, sell it as your own, and make sure your technology won't work with its bastard stepchild of an involuntary dna donor.
+Brendan McNamara i wouldn't go as far as to say "improve" just steal features of past android os' and say hey look its the next big idea...thing is applefanboys dont even wink at android phones so they have no idea how much better they are
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