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Congrats to +Google+. Measured for the first time in ASCI's annual consumer satisfaction ratings, it beat all its competitors. Not a bad debut.
The annual American Customer Satisfaction Index is out for social media sites, measuring satisfaction with Google+ for the first time against other social networks. What a debut! Google’s year-old soc...
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That's totally cool! Congrats to all that participate.
obvio si usas google+ es porque odias facebook 
I've been pushing Google+ like a mother fucker, I pretty much sound like a Google+ pimp. Give it 2 years and people will be like "what was facebook?"
Shows you what it means to consumers when a company actually listens to the people that use its services and products!
Not sursprised they had me when they brought in hangout.
Huge Google fan. Just dumped Facebook for good.
Migs B
Loving g+ keep up the good work Google..
Yeah.. About time.. It's so good to see Google+ placed above Facebook.. The next thing that we'll see when more people realize the goodness of Google+, maybe those girls with "bathroom photo" as their profile picture.. #CrossingFingers  
Great to see evidence that backs this up - thanks for sharing
+Randy Parker you & me both.. my friends say that I act like Google+'s endorser.. Well, it's a shame that most of them still stuck on that "book".. :|
Beating the "Customer satisfaction" of facebook isn't that hard! Facebook is build as an advertising platform for companies - not for people. Just look at the privacy controls and default settings; or the fact that you essentially hand over full control of your account as soon as you start using some BS-apps, which then spams your and your friends wall with "{Person} just got a new highscore at {silly game}" and other crap. And those are only the nice apps who don't try to make you install some dodgy .exe, or participate in a "survey" before you can use that super awesome app that promises free bacon tacos.

Not quite sure if google stays on top as soon as the push ads to gplus.
+Daniel Woydig - Google+ may never resort to polluting the social dialog with ads. Facebook has to, as it is a one-trick pony, but Google can leverage the data to provide relevant (and well-clicked) ads at the moment of commercial intent. This is much better than pushing ads onto people talking about family matters.
I honestly like Google plus for how easy everything is to do. Not overly complicated like Facebook. Plus the drama from Facebook is not here which I am extremely thankful for. My favorite feature of Google plus so far has to be the events! Just keeps getting better every day!
are doing a good job, are very important in the relevance of information with which we can all interact.
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