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+Eric Schmidt went to North Korea, but it's his daughter's unexpected travelogue that captures the reality of the trip.
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Excellent post by Eric Schmidt's daughter! It's so much into Orwell that even former Soviet Union pales in comparison.
Just wish it was an easier read. Google Sites couldn't be worse. Tried to run it through Instapaper; didn't solve the two-column disjointed nightmare. 
"An aside: For a country that banned religion, and has sent thousands of practicing Christians to prison camps, the Christmas trees were rather incongruous.
When asked, Minder 1 chuckled and offered, "New Year's trees?""

USSR dwellers knew it was a New Year Trees, not  Xmas ones. Most of us - emigrated to the US - are still putting in New Year Trees. It has nothing to do with any religion, a New Year was one of a few if not only a holiday not ruined by politics in USSR. North Korea apparently took a lot from Soviet Union.
"Ours was the first American delegation in over a year, and the North Koreans we met were unfailingly polite and engaging, even excited to meet with us (particularly Eric).  How that squares with official NK agitprop that Americans are super-evil imperialist bastards is beyond me."

It was the same in former USSR. Mr. Putin turned out to be much more successful in anti-American propaganda and most of people living in a modern Russia thinks about America as their main enemy who's main goal is to destroy Russia. That's very sad.
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