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Despite the hoopla in the press, it turns out that Google still has a huge amount of trust compared to a year ago, according to a new survey that I ran using +Google Consumer Surveys.
Google has come under fire over the past year from anti-trust issues to privacy questions. But has this questioning by the mainstream media, bloggers and politicians had an impact on people in general...
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Don't know how Google pulled this off, but fair enough...
Conversely, the main reason I don't use Bing as a search engine is that I expect Microsoft to start selling top rankings at some point because... well... they're Microsoft.
I like how you used a Google to conduct a survey on Google's trust. But still I'm strangely happier giving away my privacy to Google than any other company.
I have a bigger interest in why people trust Google so much. I'm not saying I don't - in fact I use an absurd number of their products despite the amount of information I know they're able to farm from it.

But it's amazing that as a brand they're able to track everything you ever do online, and people not only don't mind, but they're sort of happy about it.
If Google knew everything about me, wouldn't the spammers check Google and send me penis shrinkage ads instead of ones for penis enlargement?
+Robert Misner Data Liberation. When they make it hard to leave their services instead of insanely easy, that is when people will stop trusting them.
I trust Google as much as I would trust any other group of autistic children armed with automatic weapons.
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