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My live blogging from the Microsoft Surface event just now.
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Get out of there while you can! Hurry! Don't be sucked into the hole of nothingness! 
So is it MS's hope that their OEMs will race to copy this and have a dozen different Surface competitors on the market by Christmas?
I distrust any device that features a kickstand.
Hey Danny - want to try @fliptoast from the app store and let us know what you think? - working on simplifying on abstracting social media channels. 
As my teenage son would say - meh
damn it i want one... do you know if I can trade in my ASUS Transformer for one?
Windows is, according to Ballmer, the "most flexible general purpose software ever" ... I read that in an article delivered by a Linux web server, stored no doubt on SAN/NAS technology likely Linux based, via a Content Mgmt System that appears to use MySQL based on tags (and therefore almost certainly Linux), flowing through a set of load balancers that are almost certainly Linux based, transmitted over switches and routers almost certainly running Linux, handled by my Linux-based home router, and delivered to my PC running Linux.  Umm, what was that he said?

Sorry, a bit off-topic, but i just love the marketing-speak that dribbles out of the droll mouths of executives ...
+David Bucci routers will be running IOS for the most part and aprt from CMS's/webservers all the othe rthings you mentioned are not GP computers 
+Maurice Walshe he said it was the most flexible general purpose software ... and Cisco gear is a mix, with IOS being Unix-based (early on), but the control plane on their ASR series being Linux based.
+David Bucci Linux vs. Windows is a battle between free and paid. Windows Server 2008 R2 owns Linux, in my experience (modest stuff, not server farms). But it ain't cheap, especially for more complex setups.

Funny. Had obnoxious Linux fanboys back in highschool. Now we're flooded with fanboys: Apple, COD, Linux, OpenSource... so sad.
I'm sure there's going to be lots of buzz for the MS 'Surface' tablet until it's release.  However, in it's current state, I don't see it surviving.  It's not as thin and slick as an iPAD or compact and light as a kindle fire - something that I think is very important in a tablet..  The keyboard / cover of the MS tablet is interesting, but I don't see my self wanting to use it unless I'm sitting at a table or desk - and in that case why not use a laptop.  

In the END MS Surface fails to be a good tablet  or laptop replacement, in my opinion. 
I think windows 8 is pretty cool on tablets - semantic zoom etc is starting to head someplace interesting. I dont know how they convert windows users to this radically different approach to the windows UX - fingers crossed for them and companies that are willing to rethink old paradigms in general.
A Microsoft product with two original innovative features....... impressive.
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