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Seems odd to think that a ship is just floating out there in the ocean, and no one is trying to recover it, but apparently it's not worth the effort.
The ship has drifted across the Pacific for about a year, ever since the March 2011 tsunami in Japan sent it out to the open ocean.
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Maybe they'll try to recover it once it gets closer to shore - I imagine that would be easier and cheaper? Interesting article...
So finally there ARE real ghost ships - I knew it!
Hope never to meet the flying Dutch Man though.
Is this the law of the open seas if someone find it they can keep it? I would take it for sure, I'm certain she's seaworthy, we have proof! I would make a nice boat with this
I just redid a 33' and yes you can sink a lot of money and time in such project.
I'm trying to get a couple of buddies of mine together and see if we can't fill it with weapons and sail it to the Gulf of Aden. Anchor that hulk off the coast of Somalia, and offer protection for merchants passing through in exchange for ammo :)
Might want to check it with a Geiger counter too before it's recovered. Sink it if it fails.
Should be OK for radiations after a year and the washing. Yes a anti-pirates ship with guns and cannons...I'm in!!!
Pop it and leave it for Sponge Bob...radiation is an unlikely excuse for leaving it out there to be a hazard to other vessels...unless you really like hand ringing.
This thing should be salvage if it's for free, good painting, a new Cat inside and electrical, good Raytion and accomodations, could be done for 250K a bargain for a boat of 150'
Maybe the navy could use it for target practise. Providing that there's noone on it of course. One way to get rid of it :)
wow..they should at least do something about that ship..
abandoned tin afloat for a year? man, you gotta give it to those japaneese engineers. recover it, it might be better than new Russian one ;)
Best response to anything I have seen today!
Definitely worth. Today's mariner runs his ship with radar and the visual look out fails to give him any light indication he is going to have a collision with the ghost ship which is going to cost lives.
The should sink it or something so it may be useful as marine habitat.
actually the vessel can have a great value as a tsunami ship... if recovered and placed in some museum/ exhibit, it can be great tourist attraction
expensive to tow? if i had a boat i'd tow it and take it for myself.
I think it would be scary to explore that ship.
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