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$30 per month for 5GB high speed data & 100 talk plus unlimited text? This is a fantastic pre-paid plan from +T-Mobile that you pretty much can't find must by navigating from the home page. But if you know where to look, wow! I wonder if they keep it hidden almost on purpose? Thanks +Matt McGee, who found it through the Glass Explorers group here on Google+.
T-Mobile No Annual Contract. Say no to brick phones and yes to the latest smartphones. Say no to second-rate networks with spotty coverage and yes to our nationwide 4G network. And say no to annual co...
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That's my prepaid plan. Works splendidly. Only bad thing about it is I can't forward my voice mail to Google Voice :(

Also, you can't even get it in Tmob store. You have to buy it on web, or at Walmart (Walmart will make you buy a phone, though, even if you have one already)
I've been using this and relying heavily on Hangouts and Facebook "free calls" for a while. I don't miss my old phone bill at all! Sometimes I go over the 100 minutes but it's never been as expensive as my cheapest plan on VZW or ATT.

I've never had good luck with GrooveIP unfortunately. It works, but not well.
This is the kind of prepaid plans we get in Australia with Amaysim or Kogan. 
My wife is on this plan, and it works great so long as you are somewhere with decent T-Mobile coverage. Also, for $15 more they allow tethering. They can't really stop you even if you don't pay the extra, but that's so reasonable we have no issue with paying it.
T-Mobile is definitely redefining the industry.
I learned about it at SXSW from some great mobile geek bloggers.  Waiting for m y sprint to expire and switch.
I loved this plan but they have no coverage at all at my house :-/ I had to go to an AT&T MVNO.... It's horrible >< 
+Michele Price Might be worth looking into paying to cancel your contract. It was worth it to me. I paid $200 to cancel my $80/mo contract. I think I've already made that $200 back, and there would still be 8 more months on my contract.
I am on this plan and am happy with it. I'll use magic jack for making calls with long winded friends. 
I've been using this plan for well over a year and love it. My wife uses it too.
It's a great plan. I just supplement the minutes with GrooveIP, or Talkatone. And since I use WiFi most of the time anyway, I'm good to go. 
I don't see $30 for 5GB anywhere. What am I missing? Glasses?
5gigs. Damn I'm over 31 on tmoble and 27 on my htc one on sprint. That's 58 if my math is correct. Just on Netflix. Thank god I'm unlimited on both 
I loved my T Mobile except I couldn't live with the coverage. 2G with TM and 4G with vzw. So I get to choose between stinky coverage or rationing data. Guess that is life in the outskirts. No more whining for today.
5Gb data?  I can kill that in less than a week :(
Same plan I have +Danny Sullivan I couldn't be more happy that I switched from Verizon and their expensive plans
I have that plan but Groove IP is awful and I keep going over the minutes. Debating whether to give in and upgrade to plan w/ more min.
Work :D 
Check emails, social, servers .... I've even done file editing etc.
If I'm mobile, I still need to work (though I usually use a mob-dongle and a laptop)

And a fair bit of reading (if mobile I tend to use that for research time if I can)
That sounds much nice +Mike Tapia :D
I'm in the UK, and tend to use the Three3 network ... esp if I use the dongle .. that can be highly painful to the data.
I can't take credit for finding this. It was shared in the google Glass Explorers group. Seems it's the preferred plan for us iPhone owners that want to use Glass with an android device without paying a ton of money.
Im at 28gb right now and still have 7 days left. 
I grabbed a SIM and one month of service just to check out the coverage. It worked well at home, but there were huge gaps every time I traveled anywhere. Unfortunately T-Mobile won't be an option for me. Too bad because the price is definitely nice...
They should provide a bit more minutes though
Why can't Australians get plans like this? Why are we so expensive!
I love this prepaid plan. I use it heavily on texting and the web for Facebook and Pandora Internet Radio. Best deal. 
You could try the Kogan SIM uses Telstra 3G network $30 / month free calls and text with 6Gb data
This is a good plan but there is a new cell phone company out there called Solavei. We offer 4G unlimited, talk, text, and data without a contract for $49 plus taxes. You can find out more at 
+David baj Solavei is a reseller of t-Mobile's network. They also pay for referrals, apparently.  
+David baj What they don't give you is 2 years to pay off your phone.
Agreed. This is the best prepaid plan around for privately owned equipment. If you ever go over the data limit and absolutely can't wait for your cycle to come you can call tmobile and change your cycle so you can get another 5GB of data and 100 minutes. 
I have the TMo $30 plan and it's great. I use the Vonage app from Google Play and all my outgoing calls are free using it ;)
I gladly paid for a nexus 4 and paid the 200 to get our of my contact with Verizon. I was already paying 200 a month for two lines with them. Now I pay 80 on net10. The math works for me. This is a great deal though and if I could make it work then I'll give it a shot. I love having no contract and the freedom to move around. 
Virgin Mobile $35 a month 300 Minutes Talk, Unlimited Text, and "Unlimited Data" (Throttled after 2.5GBs). But you have to deal with older phones.
And I believe it is unlimited data with 5gb at hspa+ speeds
I have the T-Mobile web promotion that is $30 for unlimited data and text plus 100 minutes
Wait I just realized that's the same one I have. You have to call and tell them you want the "$30 web only promotion" and then either order it on the phone or online only
I been trying to use it. But it's terrible service
Loving it. Going for my third month soon.
But is definitely sneakily hidden
Wow. Anybody that compares virgin and tmo is just plain retarded. I'm on the 35 plan and you've got a 2gb cap. But it doesn't matter because you'll never have a good enough speed to Max out.
Edit: not to mention cdma phones that you can never resale, terrible Indian cs, hanging texts and no updates....EVER.
I use this plan myself with the app line2 so its 30 for T-Mobile and $9.99 for the app a month unlimited everything.

What happens if you go over your minutes? Why can't you forward voicemail to Google Voice?
+Ryan Legare - as it is pre-paid, you just can't call (except 911) until you add more money to your account. T-Mobile's pre-paid service does not allow call forwarding (which is what Google Voice uses to forward your voicemail to Google Voice). As +Adam Eyster mentioned, disabling your T-Mobile voicemail means that Google Voice gets calls by default if you don't pick up as there is no other voicemail to take priority.
Tmobile has 2g coverage in my area. Virgin mobile has strong 3g and in some places 4g. Looks like im sticking w my jellbeaned s2 for 35$ a month. 
I use the $30.00 plan and use the skype app for my phone calls. Skype is $2.99 per mo. 
+Charles Martin , be aware that if you try to transfer your $25 plan to a new phone, Virgin Mobile will only let you sign up at their current $35 rate (same plan). This happened to me when I dumped my feeble Samsung Intercept for a more capable Kyocera Wave.
+Joshua Salazar I use Google Voice for SMS and Groove IP for Voip. No problems no lag on most phones. On Wifi priceless. I pay $35 a month on VM and have 300 anytime minutes, but I talk about 1000 Minutes every month. Groove Ip is awesome.
I pay $70 for unlimited talk & text and unlimited 4g. There is no cap on my 4g speed! Its all month. TMOBILE!
I pay $45 unlimited on straight talk which uses tmobile and att networks. available at walmart or
Unlimited is the only way to go. I average at least 1gb of data a day on Verizon. Can't move to anything with a data cap. 
+Alan Loo I used a att sim with straight talk and I was throttled almost instantly. It is great for everything besides data. 
I guess this is all fine and good if you haven't heard of Ting.  They're the mobile company that just makes sense to me.  Top tier customer service, easy to use website, and you pay for what you use.  Not great for someone who hogs data, but for the average person that's on wi-fi most of the time at home and work, you really don't end up paying much (let's just say I pay a lot less than $30 a month).  I use Google Voice as my only number, and have it forward to my Obi100 device for free calls.  Keeps usage down and my bill is nice and low.  If you decide to check it out, use this link to get a discount on your first device:  Check out their website, it's pretty awesome:
Another service worth considering - Kogan (using Telstra) - $300 per YEAR on mobile for unlimited talk, text and 6GB data per month
I was very excited about this, but someone mentioned that it's not possible to forward your voicemail to Google Voice? Why not? 
+Matt Scott To get the equivalent of a VM plan on Ting it would cost me $90. So your absolutely right it isn't good for everyone, but for someone who only needs talk it makes sense. Virgin Mobile Offers Paylo for that though and it works really well.
Anything less than unlimited or 100gb is worthless to me and a lot of other people.
Here in the UK, I use the full monty plan, truly unlimited data on 3g. I tried 4g, but very very expensive and also, it's short range, coverage is shit and tragic. I used 4gb in 1.5 days, so cancelled after a week. O2 will be better and cheaper when they bring their 4g out soon. 
I grabbed this for my nexus 4 and I am a happy camper. 5 gigs is great for me since when at home i don't use my phone for everything. This plan is easy to get but only works if your a new tmobile customer  or getting a new number. The switch from sprint to tmobile was flawless online. I have to agree it is hidden. 
I've been using this plan ever since the nexus 4 came out, and I've only run out of minutes once, it's great.
$30 for 5GB + 100 talk times ????? Very funny. Kill that. my package 12GB cost only 6$ per month srilanka. Wow...... 
Ummm so no one is routing Google Voice through Grove IP :-p
Its the worst service in our area I got straight talk with att sim for 45 a month unlimited works great everywhere
+Anthony Garrett I plan on setting up Groove IP this month before my work trip overseas. I'm trying to understand if all calls through Groove IP are routed through Google Voice, and if you have to give people your Google Voice number for that to work. I don't want to have to give people a new number, since I've had my mobile number for over 15 years. I want to route calls to my cell number over to Google Voice and connect through Groove IP, but I think I'm not understanding if that actually works that way. 
I'm on Verizon now, if I switch and do this can I keep my same number?
+Anthony Perez is that 28gb at 4G speeds? Just curious because I've been on unlimited data for. Week and I'm trying to push it past 4.5, but don't want to go too fast
+Jeremy Tregler I am pretty sure that Google Voice will not work over seas unless your traveling to the United States. Even if you use Groove IP I don't believe it will work.
C chris
Yes google voice works out of the US
Tug R
This might be common knowledge, but does this plan allow for T-mobile's Wi-Fi calling feature I've heard about? Or would the only option for that be a third party service such as Skype/etc.? $30 a month is incredibly appealing, but I'm not sure I want to go through the hassle of having multiple phone numbers to worry about. 
That's what I use. With my Google Voice number as the main number, it's fantastic.
Question. Its $30 straight or $30 plus tax and other crap?
C chris
I guess you could turn call forwarding on to gv. I would assume call forwarding would work??
Yup, been on it for almost a year now.  Saving $70 a month for two lines.  Has some annoying "features" though like no call forwarding for sub-optimal for GV unless you only give out your GV number, and annoying reminders that you're out of minutes even when you have plenty of money to pay for additional minutes ($.10 a minute after 100 minutes are used up).
For $35, we can have 5 GB of data, unlimited national calls, unlimited national sms, and $10 worth of international call and txt.

Aldi Prepaid Mobile Australia
+Will Palaia, Virgin's plan is $30/month if you sign up for automatic bill pay. On a side note, I have an iPhone 4S on Virgin. I pay $30/month for 300 minutes(not 350), and unlimited text and data. As a family of 3, we used to be on U.S. Cellular - 3 smartphone plans with unlimited texting and 1500 shared minutes(500 min. Per line), after taxes and fees - our bill came to $240/month. Now with Virgin, we have two iPhones and an android device with 300 minutes per line, and unlimited text and data. After taxes and fees, our bill is $100/month. That's a savings of $140/month. I can't believe we didn't do this sooner.
With big problem with Virgin and many other MVNA services is you are limited by what the underlying provider provides - so if Sprint sucks in your area then caveat emptor!  I think Sprint sucks in a lot of places - but certainly not all.  Then again so does T Mobile, especially in rural areas.  Then you have to use AT&T or Verizon and neither of those has great or cheap pre-paid options that I know of.  
Or move to the Uk... Unlimited texts and internet plus 250mins for £12 a month
Yeah, just make sure you don't use it in NYC. Or DC. Or anything in between. Because the chances of having 4G coverage are similar to winning the lottery...
TMobile tried to claim that the phones in their stores was the only ones they carried and they were outrageously priced. Had the associates on the show floor been more honest with me I would have been their customer. I recently switched from Tracfone to Virgin Mobile and I am very happy with my service. My LG Optimus Elite works great and I get unlim text and data and 300 mins for $35 a month.
Good info here! I agree with the few people that mentioned Solavei. I was paying AT&T $200 for 1400 minutes with unlimited text and data. Now I have free phone service because I told a few friends. $2,400/yr back in my pocket. I thought I would never leave AT&T but someone asked if AT&T ever gave me free service and I was sold. One of the best decisions I've made. If you have T-mobile coverage in your area it's definitely worth looking into. I have the new HTC ONE and an iPhone 5 on the service and their is not difference than being with one of the big carriers. Not going to leave a referral link but check it out. 
+Ryanne Dolan I tried all VOIP app for my iOs & android devices and I ended up using the new VONAGE app that will still use your phone no., not random numbers like in magic jack or any call app.

Give it a try - VONAGE app and you will love it...

Thanks & have a great day!!!
I can't fathom how people use such profuse amounts of data. With Google Voice and Groove IP, I still only use around 2gb per month. I'm on wifi a pretty good bit, but it still seems like that's a massive amount of data to use.
i have strait talk  and i think it's the best i can hook to my computer use it for a modum are what ever its the best 45.00 dollar's a mounthy i had sprint they suck the worst company on this earth
+Jake Hennett if someone uses mobile data as an exclusive means to access the internet, then I could see 5 gigs not being enough.
+Kyle Jensen you can get it in store if the sales Rep knows what they are doing. If you get an activation kit in store and use the online link to activate you can choose it.
+Samuel Gerry That's true. I always forget that some don't have frequent access to wifi, like myself.
+Jake Hennett I'm still skeptical to a point though, because even when I lived in Italy/Germany, wifi wasn't allowed where I work and free wifi isn't nearly as common as it is in the US, and I think I exceeded my 5GB cap once because I had to tether and update one of my computers on the road.

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C chris
I use an app called my data manager. Really breaks down my usage.
+Ralf Haring that sounds reasonable, I tend to preload Youtube and Ted Talks so this isn't an issue.
+Taylor Hawkins Yes you can keep you same number.Also, there is no activation fee. Just pay for your first month and you're good to go but Verizon phones aren't compatible with Solavei. Use any T-MOBILE or AT&T phone or buy a phone pre-configured for Solavei.
Can't believe I haven't seen this before. Switching to this fromAT&T when my contract is over in October. 
Why wont straight talk work wifh my kyocera
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