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As I continue to play with the new Google+ look, I continue to hate it more and more and more. I also really resent that I'm probably going to have to read up on how to use it. That out to be intuitive. It just looks like a mess. Sorry, Google+ folks, but it does. Maybe it'll grow on me.
Big changes are waiting for you the next time you log into your Google+ page. Today Google’s social network launched a total refresh of the look, making images and videos larger and navigation custom...
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Just launched it, having a look around now. It is definitely different.
I'm starting to prefer Facebook. It has real communities - private groups. G+ is getting more and more behind. No Private (shared) groups, no Content Channels, just crazy design revamping.
Whats there to know? a 5 year old could use it. It's really damn nice compared to the old.
only problem i found is that,...with new that google completely removed "photos from the circle" shows only user's photos
*ought - nice that Google+ allows for corrections ;)
I'm holding out hope. I just had to dump a lot of extensions that had helped maximize my real estate. I would love to toggle off the 'right of middle' section with Trending topics to get back space for posts.
I actually kinda like it. Just wish it had the ability to expand and contrast to fill the whole screen like Gmail. Maybe it is supposed to, but someone forgot to put that code in or something.
Funny, I feel that it's way more intuitive and highlight some of G+'s key features like Hangouts and Chat. Time will tell how the majority of users think/feel about it.
you just used another system and feel more for it it just take time to learn
I figured out one of my problems with the new layout was some of the extensions I downloaded in the chrome store was distorting the layout some. After I got rid of those, I was able to surf the new looking Google+ and started to dig it. Change is hard sometimes, but hopefully you'll grow to like it.
OMG! It looks like F*ceBo*k! My eyes are burning! I just logged in after a few days off, and ... I ... can't... breathe!
It is definitely more intuitive and faster than the old build.
I like the new profile view but not sure if I like the main feed of updates, seems like a lot of wasted space on my 1920x1200 widescreen monitor...
I can't stand that it uses about 1/3rd of my screen... I could see so much more if there wasn't such a waste of space.
+Danny Sullivan as I wrote earlier too, the forced tour of the new "to the left" look is the height of what I call UX-A -- user-experience arrogance. I also described it as being like the flock of seagulls guy's hairdo.
+Vladimir Kelman facebook has been out for a long time, and their community has many more people who actually use +Google+ i believe once this gets more widespread.. then it will KILL +Facebook+
The new look does everything it can to impede scanning of posts to see which are worth reading. Oversize photos, comic strip balloons, grey boxes around comments - I'd prefer the old streamlined stream. Sure hangouts deserve a landing page and I think I'll like the menu on the left, but for now I'm still looking for the old version button.
I like it vastly better - the large posts need to be downsized a bit.
I like it! My only criticism at this point, which could change over time with use, is there is rather a large amount of real estate given to the trending and chat/hangout columns. I think I'd like to see these reduced and more space given to the post/comment section.
Why not to make main column width adjustable by user? Are we in 21-th century on HTML5 or what?
Less intelligent people can't handle change too well. It's a great design, deal.
+Matthew Sabo I had the same experience. I'm going to have to do some more cleaning because I'm getting some slight glitches. I find it easier to use and easier to customize. I agree with someone else that wrote that they are having a hard time with their feed and have the links or circles saved once they close the browser.
Eric Wu
Really? I'm really liking the new look and feel. It's much cleaner and intuitive for me. The only slight for me is that when I get new items in the feed, it pushes down even when I'm commenting in a box (wish it was more like twitter's "8 new messages").

Also it feels harder to get to "What's Hot" even though it's the same amount of clicks. I think "What's Hot" is one of the best features of Google+
+Tau-Mu Yi
Do you refer to the white space on the right of the stream?
thought it was a bug that it doesn't center the stream...
Same here. Redesigns are always hard to absorb at first. And I'd love to give Google the benefit of the doubt because they rarely make bad decisions but this one is bad. The navigation left and top is hard to figure out. The straight lines are hard on the eyes. Unbalanced right white space. Losing the top navigation as you scroll down. I thought Facebook timeline was much much easier to transition to. Looks like an old Drupal Forum format ...
It's not a fantastic experience with anything larger than ~1024x768 resolution.
I (mostly) agree with +Danny Sullivan. It looks like they have gone out of they way to copy Facebook. That's not a good sign...
Dan O
Ask someone aged 40+ about this UI... WAY too much white space blasting your eyes... coupled with small GREY type. Brilliant design, if you're an eye doctor looking for more business.
wow, looks pretty straight forward to me. Definitely easier to get the most important areas and lot of white space to fill with future apps.
Loving this new look personally, and some of the features they've incorporated (customizing the left-hand ribbon menu, for a start). This is a great improvement over the old design.
I'm on 1280*800 and it's nice. I have to agree with the autoscrolling on new update. Twitter's approach is better. It's kinda annoying when you're commenting or resharing things
To be honest I find it more intuitive than the old interface.... but on an widescreen the white is a bit overwhelming... but interacting is awsome! Ive been commenting a lot more the last few minutes... and I dont really know why?
Because I'm partially-sighted the new Google Plus is nearly useless to me. Either the text is to small for me to read without my eyes a few inches from the screen or there are parts of the screen that I can't see or scroll to.

Because of this I'm leaving Google Plus.
Overall I like it better. The middle section (the most important part) is far more readable for me. Previously it lacked structure.

I think the circle choices at the top should be locked in place or put in the left column menu with a popout (like when you hover over Photos)--instead of having to scroll back up or click home first before navigating between circles. Also, mine are limited to 3 (one being All), with a more drop-down. I'd like to chose which 3.

Although not terrible, the wasted space on the right side looks a little odd--but that can easily be ignored.

Overall it's better, but there is still a lot of opportunity to improve.
can't agree with you any more +Danny Sullivan - it also seems to be crashing Chrome (at least for me)
Pages have a more prominent link to their respective site which is more streamlined than clicking on about to get the url [which still works too].
Take time and gather your thoughts Danny. I look forward to reading them. Personally, I'm confused by the people that are finding it confusing. Seems pretty straight forward to me.
Like the update - no issues finding it intuitive and easy to use.
+Hugo Guzman I don't use chat or hangouts, so I guess trying to shove that down my throat with the new design isn't helpful. I like really, really don't use hangouts. Surely I'm not alone, right? I know it's a cool feature that Google has, but I feel downright resentful at times that it's like I'm supposed to be using them or something. I hate the chat box as much as I hate it on freaking Facebook. And all that white space. If it's for future features, roll them out now so I don't feel like have my screen real estate is wasted. Sigh.
I agree 100% with Danny Sullivan, I wish these social media sites would leave well enough alone. Stop changing things just for the sake of changing!
LOL, no don't change! It might be better but I don't want you too.... thats what most of the I dont like it comments look like.
+Marissa Mayer, where have you been? Where has the usability team been? Impressively un-googly bad design.
I am saddened to see people who fight learning and education. We are humans, we must evolve, it is in our DNA. If you are not growing, then you are surely dying. Choose to embrace life! 
I dislike the vast white area on my widescreen monitor, but I do like the other changes and tweaks.
+Daniel Dunn check to see if you have any g+ extensions running in your chrome install. G+ developers have suggested to disable them until they can be updated to include the new changes to G+. People have been reporting similar issues to yours.
I think it's a vast improvement. Seems much more interactive and I like that it seems contained. All the white space in the old design made me feel uneasy.
The home stream feels constricting somehow. I feel trapped in a box!
I am a supporter. When I saw it for the first time, I went WOW! This is what I was looking for. Everything is in its right place. I can learn to live with this!
I hate it also. I should be able to close the "start a hangout" on the right so that my page is centered. It just seems like everything is off kilter and squeezed over to the left which isn't visually appealing at all. The other thing that sucks is that the main image is just to close to the scrapbook images so it ruins any kind of effect that looked cool before these changes. This just feels like FB to me.
OMG! If you click on the G+ logo it takes you to the home page. :-)
What is so complicated to figure out? Quit being so dramatic.
Not sure why they have big consumes the whole page for a single post....and you need to scroll down to check out others....also lot of whitespaces below trending.....and grey comments on white background.... :(
+Danny Sullivan I'll tell you two things I definitely don't like about this iteration of the G+ UI:
1) the fact that it took me nearly a minute to locate your + reply to me (You'd think it'd be as simple as linking directly to the interaction from within the email that alerted me to your reply in the first place
2) the fact that I can't seem to leave a nested reply to your original reply
Boy - might be subjected to a written/verbal assault here, however, I am very impressed with the new look/feel - seems cleaner and more intuitive - less more!! :-)
Greg M
Just wondering if the people who love this new design are using it on display 23"+ at a resolution of 1600+? Apparently the whitespace is temporary as Google is going to put something else in there. What and when is only know to Google.

I do not use nor have any desire to use Google Hangouts nor Chat.
+Danny Sullivan I completely agree, Google just cant seem to leave well alone - ever tinkering. Its very frustrating, I feel like they keep pulling the rug out of under their users. This will do little to win over facebook users.
Folks, expect constant change and try to keep up!
So far, I'm a fan; seems to make more functional use of the whole screen real estate.
i like the new G+. it is clean and functional. I don't mind the whitespace at all. it helps me focus on the stream. i cannot stand the ads FB places on the right pane - pure noise!
i find it quite intuitive, and like the navigational ribbon.
Following Facebook Timeline...Google really is evolving lol. Cheers...
I hate it. Already complained in a different comment, so that'll do. :)
A left alignment alone is actually better that centered one we had before. But the main column width should be made user-adjustable by means of HTML 5.
I don't know whether to hate it or not. But right now, I don't like it.
Google+ has made the same change to social that they made to search when they arrived in 1998. They weren't the first - but they became the best.

If the past is the prologue, and I think it is, then the world should be excited that Facebook has serious competition.

Danny, Attacking innovation does make is easy to build a social following, but I'm unsure it help us better understand or navigate the future.
Suggestion for using new interface (assuming you are using Chrome browser). Zoom the screen size larger in Chrome. When you do this chat will collapse to the bottom right corner and the stream will be more centered. If you need to get to the top of the stream you are viewing just hit the / key. I don't like gray on gray comments but I might get use to it.
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