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Good article on the patent fight over Android and how it didn't just turn into a knock-out blow for Apple.
In her black robe and strand of white pearls, Lucy Koh projects the serious, deliberate demeanor befitting a U.S. District Court judge. The Harvard-educated former federal prosecutor has served on the...
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that was too long too read but haha that was an excellent review.
I agree, that was very interesting. I've never loved Apple (you could say despised maybe), but they did come out with the very best mp3 player to exist before anyone else. Literally, there was no other choice for me. As a promotion for my dad's job, he gave me the first model to hit the market before anyone knew what an iPod was. I read the specs, compared it to what was on the shelf, and went bug-eyed. Now.. they're still pretty good devices. Apple gets most of its revenue from ipod, iphone, and ipad sales, not actually Macs (which I also despise). But Google has been the most innovative, ubiquitous, and adventurous company I've seen in a while. I love all of its products to date. In high school we did a stock market simulation with fake money, and I would have been a millionaire if I had actually bought the stocks I wrote down on our worksheets... sad day for me when I pretended to buy Google.
+Jason Werner The iPod was and is very cool, but I still find it startling to realize that today's Apple would most likely have been on the losing side of the lawsuit that confirmed that mp3 players are legal.
How much better off would mankind be if the $400mn spent on litigation were instead spent on R&D!
well the lawyers made tons of money, so not a bad thing I guess.
This is an excellent article clearly explaining all sides of the issue between Google and Apple. Thanks +Danny Sullivan for this.
One of the best articles I've read about the current patent war between Apple and Android.
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