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If you missed, I posted late yesterday about how the new Google Search app for iOS gives Apple real reason to worry that people will bypass Siri for it. Super fast. Post includes some head-to-head testing against claims from both companies.
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Competition is good for consumers.
Google Now is on my unlock screen. Swipe up for voice search, swipe left for camera, swipe right for regular unlock. Can also just press the "search" key if I'm already using the phone. One click is all it takes.

Jellybean (4.1)
The reason integration doesn't run as deep on iphone is because apple doesn't allow third party apps the type of access needed. If you want to see what "Google Voice Search" is fully capable of, try out Google Now on a Jelly Bean device.
Jailbreak your device and you can access it on your lock screen if need be. Plus for those with older phone this brings new life to those phones. Particularly my 3gs but its too lat since I'm most likely getting the Nexus 4 or Nokia 920. 
It's good for searches but Siri still wins as a overall assistant app on iOS, the google app can't send texts, make calls, set reminder based on location, open apps, book me a meeting, switch my meeting dates etc.
I enjoyed the 'can't provide directions in South Africa', as that is where I live :-). I suspect it was thinking of Cape Town. Even though that doesn't sound quite like Cape Cod...

On my Galaxy Nexus "navigate to address' will activate gps voice-guided navigation. But I suppose Apple doesn't give Google access to those resources on an iPhone? If so, that's an issue with Apple and not Google's app.
Cool, Thanks for this Danny I just downloaded the app. I can't wait for the Google Maps app, not a fan of the new maps function...
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