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Bing is for doing! Just, you know, don't do what its new ad says, jump off a cliff. After all, the ad itself even warns, "Do no attempt."
“Bing Is For Doing” is the catchphrase being used in new ads for Microsoft’s Bing search engine. But in a bit of irony, one new ad literally suggests jumping off a cliff but then warns in small print,...
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"do not attempt" ...they should have had that wording years ago in the Windows ads where people were seen multitasking.
Ha! I thought the same thing when I saw that ad on TV :)  I also thought, 'If anyone I knew ever said "recos" to me, I would punch them right in the nose.'
LOL Karen is RIGHT!!!
"... Bing Is For Doing Things It Tells You Not To Do ..."
Sounds like Google :D
Happens to us all Danny :D
I have no clue what my kids are saying half the time ... and apparently the Everly brothers are not cool anymore....
I just learned what Y.O.L.O means, I had no clue. I am guessing since I'm not that old... I'm just not "hip" LOL
Hahahahahahaha, wow. Someone did not think through the complete message of this ad.
A TV ad advertising a search engine is a contradiction in itself... Advertising a social network, like MSN, Facebook or G+ makes more sense... But maybe it's just me. I somehow feel the same about IE9. Two products I have grown to not care very much for.
Well since Bing tells you to use Bing search instead of Google and people aren't doing that well I guess they are good at delivering a message right?
+Aly Terry, I am guessing you read or watched that recent commencement speech that is going around. It had YOLO in it. And I too didn't know what it stood for until reading the transcript of that speech. 
+Wesley Brace No, I had someone scream it at me out of a car window. I had to Google it LOL.
That's going to be the slogan, to get the younger generations to drink, smoke, party... anything really!
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