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This, of course, kills Chromebooks for many kids. And quite a few adults who like Minecraft :)
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man, I remember when my computer couldn't play 16-bit games.
Doesn't Citrix rely on Java as well?  I may be mistaken.
Never mind Minecraft. It it doesn't have a TrackPoint, it isn't for me!
Good point. My four year old loves Minecraft and I was going to get him a Chromebook. Hmmm. New strategy :-) 
I was going to get a chrome book for the kids until I googled minecraft performance on them.
This was one of the reasons I ended up buying a w8 laptop for my son even though chromebook would have been sufficient for all academic activities. 
I think there's an opportunity for server-as-a-service for chromebook. Meaning, you pay a monthly fee for access to a Windows box "in the cloud" to run your Windows programs via RDP.
chromium has flash built in but not java cause in the end, they consider java more dangerous than flash.  Why not make the browser even safer and just remove flash and rely on html5 for video?  Simple, no one wants to redo their entire website just to serve html5 videos when flash videos still work just fine.
Java is like a hackers circus should have been stripped away years ago. What we need is a Chrome OS phone too. Lets trash the mobile app/desktop software/OS model and move everything into the browser. Heck, lets go back to green screen dummy terminals. It would shut down the hacker world quickly. Thats where we are heading anyway. Its all going Web and HTML5.
hes working on a javascript version :)
Well, one can not compare javascript and java regarding security . There are so many possibility to hack javascript so to prefer it over java must either be lack of knowledge or that security is not important for the platform.

To call java a "hackers circus tent" is lack of knowledge. And of course it can not be documented in example code. The internet is floaming over by persons meaning everything about java and they do not know anything.
Good to know. Was looking at getting a chromebook for our kids for school. Minecraft is the reward for doing extra math. Back to the search I guess
Someone just needs to make an html5 implementation of minecraft or at least a flash one.
All we need now is a tutorial to tie it all together and minecraft users can play on their chromebooks!  Sweet!
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