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Rumors are leaking that Google might kill Google+. Sound crazy? At first, I thought the same. But as you think how devolution might work, there could be some big advantages to breaking up Google+ into individual components, in a way that Facebook is already doing to itself.
  News is leaking out that Google might be planning to kill Google+, or at least put it into a Walking Dead-like “zombie” mode, as TechCrunch characterizes it — and something Google denies. There are some good reasons for Google to do this, and potentially, it could allow Google to better fight on the new […]
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Chris Hill
Stop taking tech crunch seriously Danny.  You can do better, really....
Techcrunch isn't a valid place to get good informations. Vic Gundotra leave the team for his personal reasons, and Google will close G+? Please...
Jason M
This would make me terribly sad. I don't often get involved with social networks (the last was indeed friendfeed) so seeing this happen would bum me out.

And plus as the social spine of google always made a lot of sense to me. Potentially seeing google products without that would again make me sad.

But Vic's replacement is also dedicated to the platform. I think it'll become more open, maybe an API will come out of it. 
I do think hangouts should be broken away from Google plus. Google plus as a platform dying, I can't see it happening to be honest.

Google plus to me is a news 2.0. They need to sort out the perception of it, and also improve the discussion module part. When you share a post the author post should have a link or path to your post and be incorporated back, just like the way YouTube comments work.

I can see the Google Photos being broken away, but Google Plus still able to access it.

Basically I feel each part will become more defined. Having a messaging and photos part of Google Plus does not make sense. Having things talk and get information when needed makes more sense. That is one thing FB does not do well. Yes they broken the apps out but there is no easy way for each to talk together. 
I hope this stays a rumour, i love google+! 
I hope not I actually enjoy this social environment. 
Tau-Mu Yi
I have several comments:

1. Google is not gonna kill G+; unified identity is too important for ad targeting. It is diverting resources. It sounds incredible to me that 1000 people were on the G+ team.
2. I hope as Nick mentions above that "becoming a platform" means releasing a public API. It is ridiculous that this hasn't happened earlier. I remember +Steve Yegge's prescient post years ago.
3. I hope the new leadership doesn't force things down our throats. G+ should strive to be the anti-FB: emphasizing privacy, no ads, flexibility especially the user ability to opt-out, and greater control over our stream.

The ham-handed attitude of G+ in many areas (e.g. YouTube comments, mandatory signups, etc.) has been off-putting for many people (even G+ heavy-users like me).
They should do both, let hangout and photo become their own things and develop G+ more as well. 
I can only hope that this is purely fallacy, because Google+ has the best "sharing" platform there is, which makes it the best social media site hands down.  Facebook has a greater chance of failing than Google+ because it's full of fraud, pesky advertising, and other engineered annoyances.
I have to agree with +Chris Hill on TechCruch as a news source... I've been burned by them a few times when it comes to tech news.
+1 +Domino's Pizza or write a post praising +Domino's Pizza . Then go to sites that use Google's Doubleclick ad exchange (there are a lot). 

My consumption of +Domino's Pizza has increased about 10-fold since when I first +1'ed them.

This was Google's original vision for G+ but not enough people are using it. I think the idea of FB creating a mobile ad network taking advantage of FB Likes must be disconcerting to Google.
They just spent the last year integrating everything into G+. They aren't going to waste time/money breaking it up again.
In my opinion every integration with G+ has improved the integrated product and would be disastrous to stop all innovation on G+. It is hands down the most useful and real social platform out there. Facebook's monetization is broken and needs fixed. G+ has it figured out and will win the money war. It's not going anywhere. 
Better idea... Keep G+. Dump Hangouts. Bring back Talk. 
+Danny Sullivan this is my first go to when I log on in the morning. I get my news, tech, gaming, everything from G+. I use to use Twitter in a similar way but G+ easily met my needs much more efficiently.  I enjoy the people I follow and to lose G+ would be disappointing.
Thanet P
I feel G+ is the place that smart and grown up people come to share their idea and interest which make FB look like a playground for kids.
+Danny Sullivan I couldn't help but look up the author after reading the rather sensationalist and opinionated piece [which is referenced in this article by TechCrunch] quote...

In the long run, the issues with Google+ didn’t especially stem from the design of the product itself, but more from the way it interjected itself into your day-to-day Google experience like some *unwelcome hairy spider.

OK, so someone might be a little arachnophobic here. But with previous posts like "Why we should all give Google+ the finger" and hardly any usage of Google+ at all, one can't help but wonder how unbiased +Alexia Tsotsis is when referencing said multiple sources.

I can't help but wonder if this is something that rather belongs in The Enquirer, unless that's what +TechCrunch has become.
I don't believe G+ is going anywhere, but coincidentally I received a survey from Google about G+ on Tuesday.  Some of the questions even asked what I would think if G+ didn't exist anymore.  The survey came from Google's Mike Brzozowski
Noooooooo! Please don't let this be true... I have faith that Google won't do such a horrible thing....but you never know.
So your claim is combine Google using Google+ to separate it into parts like Facebook? What?
G+ was Vic Gundotra's baby.  Anouncing that he's leaving Google. There must be some truth to it.  Anyone remembers Google Buzz?
Google has never made itself into one monolithic system like Facebook was.  It has always had Gmail, Calendar, Voice, Picasa, etc. as separate components. They have gotten closer together mainly through the unified privacy policy and somewhat through G+, but they never have been like Facebook, which used to be one web site and mobile app that contained the stream, messaging, pictures, chat, games, etc.
Google + has picked up so much momentum. It serves a different purpose than Facebook. I think it's necessary to tie all things Google together.
Can't believe it's true. FB maybe famous, but G+ is more suitable for me, personally.
If Google kills Google+ it will be a huge, long term PR nightmare. 
One thing I find interesting is that +Larry Page  put a comment in +Vic Gundotra last post finishing with "we’ll continue working hard to build great new experiences for the ever increasing number of Google+ fans". A rather positive message plussed by about 1800 people but not including Vic. Vic has been plussing many people posts today but did not plussed Larry Page comment. Is this meaningful... ?
It just seems really stupid and counter-intuitive. 
For me Google plus is a powerful media agitator, content discovery and sharing platform. I literally use it as my initial interface to the internet. on days where my stream has lots of stuff I'm interested in I never leave Google + for content discovery (i obviously link out for the articles).

I would simply be lost without it, and FB is not an option with it's sneaky behavior.
We should all know by now that it's not wise to become reliant upon a google product, except search, because that's their money maker - everything else is for funzies.
No way, Google+ should not be killed especially Google+ communities. Its correct that Facebook posts brings more points and comments from friends and known peoples. But Google+ posts brings out opinions from unknown guys, people you don't know, experts, newbies. Its a feel good social platform for sharing information.
Here's the problem. Google doesn't acknowledge it's own good ideas early enough. Plus is epic. I have met more fun, interesting and intelligent humans here than anywhere else. However when you choose Plus you do that with the understanding that Google is mining your data for intents, interests and xographic info. Personally, I'm extremely happy to help boost the signal and rank of content that was intentionally created to be useful. I would hope that this signal would help wash the turds from search results for others and inform google of where my interests may lie in regards to me instead of driving me into an ever narrowing funnel of AI trained results (stuff that looks just like other stuff). 
Who knows. Google + until now wasn't a great success. 
I'll pay would you?
Interesting article +Danny Sullivan . Personally I don't think Google will kill G+. It will continue to make changes but I think G+ is here to stay & will become king of the social networks in the next few years.
+Danny Sullivan

If you will believe on +TechCrunch stupid analysis, then I have free island for you and those idiots from +TechCrunch...

In ALL their own self analysis, only 1% is acceptable and the rest is "WRONG"...

Have a great day
TechCrunch is click bait central most days so I would take anything they say with a grain of salt.
The best effect of this threaded discussion is that I've discovered more like-minded people using Google Plus.
Techcrunch = linkbait. Just eyeball-grabbing bollocks. 

Clear that the departure was not expected by Google, as no replacement is in place. But i think a lot of the problems Google+ faces are down to bad marketing.

<plug>I blogged as much on LinkedIn this morning -</plug> 
Interesting. Not a terrible idea, taking it out of the FB/Twitter battle and onto the next/emerging playing field 
The truth is Facebook is dead, just google "Facebook is..". It is full of advertising and sponsored posts, but more and more users quit. That's why they bought WhatsApp (for how many billion dollars?). But they have no idea how to make money from their acquisitions: Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, etc. The company with the PHP founder fears that Google could use their long experience in ads to build an ad system for social networks that is superior to their own. 
I have a good circle system....alphabetical ...A circle for each letter of the alphabet works best for me.
No doubt Google is looking at ways to monetize Google Plus, now the second biggest social network. You can bet that all the cards are on the table.
G+ are going to stay and become even more awesome. It is a mystery for me why people don't see it too. It's not competing with Facebook. It is just better and awesome. #OhYesHeDid
Google is not happy that is not making money from G+ 
Honestly, the guy who started it has left and everyone says it's dying?
On a long enough timeline...
I'm going to start writing + 1 on Facebook posts! 
I seriously wish all people I knew used this instead of Facebook. 
Is the most use social network in the world.
Should I be concerned? I don't think Google would kill G+ but who knows...
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