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Yahoo Site Explorer is dead; long live Bing Link Explorer, live today!
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Fantastic ... well, so long as it's half decent, fresher and more accurate :D
Hmm...I will have to check out this Bing.
On a side note, interesting that on my first day on Circles, I should run into someone with the last name as my Great Grandmother.  XD
Got my head buried in BWT now. If I am not back by clocking out time send help
Bing is getting good! Cant wait till you can use Internet Explorer 10 on the Xbox 360. Gamers will be looking up all kinds of walk throughs, codes and tips. Game marketers take note. Microsoft is back and they will be taking a chunk of the search market.
The SEO Analyzer (beta) is bit of a head scratcher. Itpulls the URI into the sandbox but suggests nothing? No instructions, nowt
Ah, maybe Bing are learning from Google for tool development?
I like to see some competition for once, I'm very much a google guy, but the market needs competition.
w00t! Gotta love Bing for bringing this back and really improving Bing Webmaster
Anyone else experiencing issues while exporting link explorer data? The CSV seems to be empty :(
never heard of Bing. Is that new? xD
Love that they brought Link Explorer back to life! The SEO Analysis tool isn't working. All and all a big improvement!
I had a look at it last night. Seems fairly insightful although index does not seem too large, potentially a factor in Bings poor search results.
Great tool and excellent webmaster tools from Bing
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