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I knew there was a reason I've stayed a Twitterholic all these years.
But just yesterday Google+ was the second largest social network... ? :)
So to rephrase my previous comment... how can twitter be "outgrowing" Google+ at the same time that Google+ overtook Twitter to be number 2 social network?
For how many days?;). Fun roller coaster we ride mates, isn't it?
+Keith Veseleny raises the point I've been trying to figure out for these numbers as well. And we have to keep in mind that both claims (G+ is number 2 and Twitter is fastest growing) are coming from the same research group.
According to that article Twitter gained 288 million users from Q2 to Q4. I think that means in six months. So that makes 48 million a month. Meanwhile Google+ is growing at about 53 million a month according to - although that's all users, not just active users.
I find that quite hard to believe. Not in my "circles"...
It makes sense to me. I think Twitter is a great tool and I always feel that I need to spend more time working it.
In my experience, Twitter has more fake users than another other social network—unfortunately.
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