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yes, it is going to report the speed of your car. 
Thanks for the quick summary!
+Danny Sullivan, I've been asking this for the last few days now.  How is Apple Maps going to fill the void of Google Street View, years in collecting data and many more years to come?  Last I checked I didn't hear Apple Street View cars travelling through my neighborhood.  It would take Apple years to collect that data and probably a couple years to design the system to do it.  
And don't forget all the new "Map Maker" features, where the whole world participates in making Google Maps even better. Also, the latest "Local" (ex. Places) integration with Zagat's rating system.
Apple is angry that the HTC/Android phone is taking iphone market share. They temporarily stopped the phones at the port in LA and now want to distance themselves from Google as much as possible. Its "Corporate Stratego" - yes that was a reference to an old board game
+Colter Bowman, Samsung/Android which has now topped iPhone marketshare is the one that's really taking share from  Apple and Apple is trying to get the courts to stop the newest Samsung Galaxy S III shipping this month.
The public transportation of my city has integrated live status information on Google Maps. Really nice! Who wants to go back to stone age? I can't see any reason to switch from Google Maps...
It's interesting... Everyone in the bubble will think "so many improvements!"... Meanwhile, outside of it: "catch up, catch up, catch up..."
One other thing, now about notebooks: the became horsepower hungry... Some people still praises how gracefully they operate, but since 2-3 years ago their hardware would make any OS to work smoothly... 8GB RAM? 16GB RAM? C'mon...
+Michael Comia It'll fill it through the Google Maps app that will be launched. If people want it, they'll get that app.
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