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Is this new share box on the Google home page new? Seems new to me. I'm testing it out by sharing a picture of it. I don't get why I want this here. It feels more like Google+ Intruder. But maybe people will want to share from the Google home page rather than search? But this is also probably a first. Until now, the home page was just for searching. Now, I guess, it's for search & social. NOTE: I've now done an article about this, so updated this post that had just the image before and also reshared that properly. Closed comments here, in case people want to continue more afresh on the new share.
If you still don’t get how much Google is behind ensuring Google+ gets everything it needs to succeed, consider the screenshot below, showing how for the first time ever, Google’s home page now lets y...
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Dang, that's new. Looks great on my personal photo background - nice transparency :-)
They moved the notification counter and the account settings off of the black bar on every other page, but there is no grey bar underneath it on the search homepage. It does look a little odd floating there.
I see it too now. Probably testing to see if it increases G+ activity.
"All along" must have been fairly recent.
Mine has been there awhile.
Don't know when they gave you one...
It's the first I've seen it. It's just within the last couple of days.
+Danny Sullivan, Google's intentions are clear, to make searching and social indistinguishable from one another.

+John Blossom - I'd rather they got rid of that thick ugly band, transparent or not, all together. IMO the extra chrome takes up content real estate.
They have just moved it. The ability to share from the Google search page has been there for a very long time.
I'm guessing it's for consistency more than anything since there isn't a full Google bar on the home page.
I was not surprised when I noticed this-- goes with the whole making it a unified product, "It's Google" messaging
Looks both new and cool.
Of course since I am on Google Apps, my domain probably wont see it before July :-(

Still got the black Google Bar and no Search Plus Your World
If you're in Google Reader and click the "share" button it will open up with a link to the item you are reading so you can share that item
I would like a better understanding myself. I don't want to have to sign into both and I need someone from google to explain the benefits to me. I personally am confused how to sign in easily access my email, why all of a sudden I cannot access twitter or utube with an address I've used from the beginning and how to combine both accounts till I can stop emails coming into an address I canceled two years ago. I am also suddenly getting 60 to 70 emails to me from me subject Wwhy no. I cannot seem to find a contact number to help me understand and stop this daily accurance. But need to remain on Facebook....who also doesn't answer their phones. All they do is add adware with silly games and feedback. If I can be assured that this system can be avoided by using one sm unless someone explains a better reason for using this other than my commitment to their excellence I've been thown a curve ball which I simply cannot catch.
I've had G+ integration with Reader for awhile. I don't think that's new.... unless you are referring to some new interface I haven't seen yet.

But the Chrome+1 button is the way I find myself sharing most often.
I like it...not oblige to go to G+ to make a u can do this from almost all Google services;
It's new for me here, and definitely new on the SERPs