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My 18 year anniversary writing about search is today. So I guess I'm an adult at this now :) Here's a page from my original guide, way back when, covering the major search engines and why they were deemed important by me to publishers.
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Oh man, this takes me back!
I remember Alta Vista, Lycos, Magellan, Excite! Then along came Hotbot, then some upstart called Google. ;-)
Wow. I remember when Alta Vista was my go-to search engine. How times change....
You made me an Entrepreneur and I Thank You!!!
Blast from the past! ^^ditto^^ Much thanks for all the years!
"Thousands" of people push this button... Ha! You've been around a while there, Danny!
Congrats! I remember talking back in the early days when I was doing search at Inktomi. Awesome to see you still at it.
wonderful... Enjoyed going to your seminar in San Francisco a few years later, and Larry Page was there with a tie on.
Congrats & thanks for all your hard work over the years!
Congratulations, Danny. You opened to me everything related to SEO back in 2001 and I even attended SES Latino Miami in 2006. I couldn't anticipate at that time that SEO would become my main activity and the focus of my firm, Human Level Communications. Today, I have published seven books, been at tens of events as a speaker (including SMX Madrid) and I owe much of all this to you. A great THANK YOU!!!
Congrats, +Danny Sullivan! I think I've been reading your stuff for about 17 of them, and am glad that you're still going strong. Here's to another 18!
Congrats +Danny Sullivan for keeping the SEO industry informed about the developments in search and Google. After the Google blog I think its +Search Engine Land  that majority of the SEO people trust for correct information about Organic Search. Wish you many more such anniversaries and Long Live SEO (Pun Intended)
Wow, 18 years! I may not always agree with what you write, but you've got my complete respect, Danny. :-) Congratulations!
It was early in 1998, and my boss informed me that I needed to learn about "SEO" and that I should start by reading everything by this guy, Danny Sullivan, at Search Engine Watch. It was one of the best pieces of advice I ever got, and I've been delighted to keep track of Danny's growth along with the search engine marketing industry.

And I'll add that one of my happiest moments came early in 2009 in Salt Lake City when I finally got to meet Danny at the Omniture conference. He's as cool as they come. Congratulations Danny on your Internet journalism career finally being old enough to vote!
Thank you Danny. Thank you.

Please continue being you.
Congrats, Danny! I think  your achievement is awesome.
Congrats Danny.. A wonderful journey you have travel with quite changes in SEO as well as Search Engine Technology..  Keep us updated news of SEO industries.
Congratulations Danny.
Coincidence - I just finished the chapter about you in 'The Google Story' :)
Congrats! May you have many,many more!
I love the table layout and padding. I miss these days when there was so much text and so much less advertising. Happy Anniversary, Danny, and many more!
Hi Danny, happy anniversary and thanks so much for your great effort in this area. That's really brilliant : )
Thanks Danny for such a great contribution to the industry! :)
Thank you for your expertise and focus these last 18 years!  We've learned a lot from you.
Pani p
Danny Sir
I wish you a Great Congratulation on this long time period writing search
Mr. Danny Sullivan

You are a Great Personality.....

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