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Target has a "Guest ID" for its customers that collects all that it can about them. If this were Google, the letters from Congress would be out. If this were Google, the consumer could see what's in that Guest ID and delete the data. But it's the real world, and so we just take it as normal.
Your shopping habits reveal even the most personal information — like when you’re going to have a baby.
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Yes the NYT story is quite interesting. Why are there such differing standards for Target & Google for example ?
Simple US Congress people have a vested/investment interest in seeing non-internet companies not face the same standards.
Were this a Google story (and given it's a Friday), +Danny Sullivan would have shared his opinions on the matter 3-4 times here, posted at least one 2000 word article to SEL and, oh, maybe five alarmist tweets.
lol +Allen Cross Some stuff that that chain (Target) is doing leans towards invasion of privacy imo... especially knowing how many credit cards are in your wallet... I mean come on...
Hey Danny,

I don't think that should excuse either Google or Target.

Google's done some pretty crappy, bullying and monopolistic things in the last few years -- heck since inception really, and I don't think they should get a pass for any of it.

In fact, I'm writing a piece about this very topic and how Google is actually really starting to piss me off.

It will be an open letter, and I think the SEO community will agree with most of it.

Most people are afraid to tell it like it is and get on Google's bad side, so I decided to take up the cause.

Stay tuned...
Target doesn't have the power to shape reality the way Google can.. Sure Target can send me some extra targeted ads, but G's personalization can make companies and entire news events virtually disappear through customizing the results.
A real +1 to Chris Pantages, let's stop pandering to Google just because we're here.
Well that's Chris & Franc first up against the wall come 'G-Day' - any other takers? (oooonly joking of course ;o) But seriously, there will be Google drones taking us out when Target is in the dustbin of history but there I go, oooonly joking again XD
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