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Nevada approves testing of autonomous vehicles. Dig Google's car with the new red plates for these vehicles, with infinity symbol an AU notation.
Forget it, Las Vegas Strip. Move over Area 51. Perhaps cruising up the Extraterrestrial Highway will be Nevada’s latest tourist attraction, Google auto-driving cars sporting new autonomous vehicle lic...
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cacti need to learn to jump out of the way very soon.
Just wait until some ne'er-do-well figures out how to hack a Google car...or a drone. Rogue drones and rogue autonomous cars will put the spice back into life. A bad spice.
So how long before someone actually comes in front of that car...oh so accidentally to sue Google?
Cool we can sleep when are car is on autopilot
Am surprised why this project isn't a distraction like so many features from Labs and why it's not been brushed away under spring cleaning initiative.
I guess it will then be legal to drive (be driven) and drink alcohol, smoke pot, text, talk on cell phone, have sex, sleep, and be old and blind. LOL
In the Las Vegas area, they have had double the number of auto-pedestrian accidents as last year. So, I will gladly take my chances on the road with the Auto-Driving cars. At least the car will have a possibly intelligent bad some of the pedestrians will still be just as stupid.
This is well and good, but I live 25 miles from where they registered this vehicle, up in Sierra snow country. Would the vehicle know how to steer into a cushy snowbank to avoid front-ending another car at the icy intersection?
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