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Looking forward to trying it. Wonder if you can upload eight pictures at a time, as Android allows, rather than five. And at the risk of sounding ungrateful, um, iPad app?
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I put it on iPad as well. At 2x it's better than what we had, but not as good as iShare+ for the iPad.
If you just search for the app you can update it there. Don't have to wait for it to show up on your update tab. 
Greg M
See if you can edit one of your posts in the app when using iPad. I had to use Safari and web interface. Text looks blocky as hell at 2x. Very poor reflection on Google especially when they are trying to get people to use the service more. Will be axing the app off my iPad2 yet again.
This is great news. Now maybe it will work
It doesn't look too bad on the iPad. The photos look fine but the text still seems a little stretched
Have to agree with +Greg M in regards to use on the iPad. Will wait for iPad app & try again then.
Absolutely love this thing. It is utterly stunning font and visual wise. Amazing job Google. 
An iPad app based around the new design would be awesome. Which leads me to wonder how long this design has been in the works...maybe this is why we haven't seen an iPad app yet. I could see waiting to release it with the new design. So maybe we'll see it any day now...
Greg M
+John Barwick Google should of come out with iPad app long before now. They had the prior version of the app out for months now and it was like this one, a poor substitute for a real iPad app.
The circuitous nature of updating leaves me wondering about my feeble mind?
+Greg M I think we're all in agreement about wanting to see an iPad app sooner than later. I'm simply theorizing about why we haven't seen it yet. You don't just stumble your way into an app that's as polished as version 2.0 without some kind of road map.

Let's say they started working on the current iteration of the iPhone app 6 months ago (or longer), I could see their approach as, "let's really nail the UI before we release the iPad app." Remember how so many people were waiting for an iOS Gmail app, and then it was released and had usability issues? And then the technorati pilloried them for the gaffe? Maybe that was a wake up call, and Google realizes that exceeding people's expectations is way more fun than underwhelming them.

Or maybe the timeline is as simple as: 1) unveil Google+ 2) give mobile users a basic app and find out what works well and how people use the service 3) develop additional apps based on findings from step 2.

That would make us beta testers, but I guess I'm ok with that
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