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If Google rolls out a commenting system for your site, would you use it?
Reports are swirling today that Google will be announcing a commenting platform to rival Facebook comments. The commenting system is said to tie into the Google+ platform and operate as a stand-alone...
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no but would be happy to see Disqus support it
Yep. As long as it doesn't rob the site of speed like many of the offerings out there now...
hmmm. Probably yes in some project
As long as it's better than Facebook's! :P
Yes, especially if it's some form of the Salmon protocol.
I would try it out of course ... then implement on every site that needs it. I religiously use google products because of their cleanliness and superb quality.
Are you going to test it on your site?
Quite likely. If, you know, such a system exists. Ahem. ;D
I would, but only if I could sync it with wordpress (like Disqus).
+Danny Sullivan I have yet to thoroughly investigate the particulars of this offering, but there are two major factors that will influence my decision to augment this service to my site. First, does it provide a high quality user experience value? Second, does it have any SEO implications and/or G+ integration?
Depends on what it looks like...but I love the idea.
With the implementation of Google comments being indexed, I'd definitely use this feature. Also if there was an easy implementation into WordPress, it'd be hard to stay no to this. Do you agree +Danny Sullivan ?
Interesting--not sure if I'd use it, but would definitely be interested in seeing how it could impact my blog.
If it loads faster than Disqus then I'll give it a shot.
I have over 1500 comments already on my blog. If I could import the old comments into the new system, and it would be fast, then I could definitely see myself using it.
yes, I like share but, we need some privacy too, my first day here and I love it!
+CJ Dulberger if you read my post above, I feel that it may help with SEO as I read in a post earlier that comments will soon be indexed. I feel like this can be a huge change as it will help with Personal Branding quite a bit.
Facebook comments can already be indexed by tweaking the plugin a bit to cache the comments as they come in.
+Steven Jacobs I'd need easy integration into my existing system. That's one reason I haven't wanted to use Facebook's comments, even with the big bribe that Facebook offers that it will boost visibility. I also prefer to use a system that lets as many people as possible comment. That's why we recently moved +Search Engine Land to Disqus and started +Marketing Land that way.
Yes. Because it will be tightly integrated with the search / SPYW ecosystem, and will deliver enormous benefits in visibility for any blog and its commenters.
I think I would prefer facebooks commenting system over googles
Good for search
Good for sharing
Sounds like it's gonna be tricky for those who've already implemented the FB option into their sites. Hope someone develops a way of being able to share FB or G+ from the one comment box.
As long as it doesn't confuse the end user (who is commenting) Im down with this idea.
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