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Meanwhile, over at the other place....
Today Facebook rolled out a new version of pages that look much closer to profiles thanks to the addition of Timeline. As reported, this release coincides with the Facebook Marketing Conference (fMC)...
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oh dear! They do realise how much Facebook mugs users hate change don't they?
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I really believe one of the reasons they built Google+ was so tech reporters would stop talking about facebook so much
+Danny Sullivan I noticed another new feature "Add to interest lists" (click on the icon right to "message" on the page below the banner).
I'm proposed to create a new list but the popup area disappears immediately, and then can't use it... Would like to know exactly what the goals and behavior of such lists will be.

Edit: as far as I understand, lists might have the exact same meaning as for friends, and one might add a page to a list without liking the page...
+Apryl Parcher most tabs seem OK, even if quite small in the new canvas (> 520px), the only one that appears broken so far on my artists' pages is the #SoundCloud app.
We updated ours earlier today and the feedback we got was unanimously "oh no, we hated personal timelines and now they're even pushing it to Pages"
Isn't that the one they were calling the ghost town the other day? I hardly ever go there anymore.
+Didier J. MARY , the "fan-gating" feature of reveal tabs is non-functional at this point, which puts a severe crimp in the style of designer/developers who created thousands of those lovely tabs for people. Same thing for default tabs (such as Welcome tabs). Your only choice for landing is the profile--and they've got a whole list of things you can't do to brand your new profile picture. UGH. However, I'm reserving final opinion on whether or not I'll run screaming until I learn more.
well, learned something today--evidently the custom tabs DO work (depends on how they were written?)--it's just that there is no longer a "default landing tab" option. FB are going for less "billboard" and more "story" approach. Found a few nifty opportunities to expand brand visibility. Judicious use of the "Milestone" feature, for instance, can help you tell your brand's story in a unique way. Will be interesting to play around with this over the next month to see what we can do.

Best use of the tools and going back over your brand's timeline to build it out strategically is the best way to optimize this. Going to take some work...
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