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The name's Penguin, James Penguin. OK, not the James part, and I don't know about martinis, but Penguin likes search results shaken free of spam, not stirred.
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AJ Kohn
It's all black and white from Google's perspective huh? You know, Pandas and Penguins.
It's all black and white except with the new results and no explanation there is a lot of gray area
So unfair to Penguins ... enough damage was done to Pandas, don't you think?
People like Tux the Penguin. I don't think that Linux heads will like Google's Borg-like appropriation of the penguin for this update.
S.E.L: "We're going to call it Titanic". Google: "Er's"
im a pure linux user, im on with the penguin thing, but maybe they could give good ole Linus a call....
Google is giving innocent animals a bad reputation. Why not name them after Google staff? Let them get bad rep ... we could start out calling this Cutts update?
So they say. But can anyone really trust Google not to spin some public relations line?
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