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RIP Ray Bradbury -- the Venus Transit is turning into a great memorial for you now.
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absolutely the right sentiment here, Danny! great call....and he will be missed sorely! :-(
Do you think he got to see it? Or was he gone before the big event?  I seriously hope he got to see it.
A fitting memorial for a wise man and terrific writer. The sci fi world has a Venus-sized hole in its heart today...

+Shane Coffey me too.
For the uninitiated: this is an allusion to Bradbury's short story "All Summer in a Day".
Isn't it quite fitting - the Venus Transit and Ray Bradbury. RIP Mr. Bradbury.
Shane...way I see it (real SF dude here) is that Ray was riding Venus all the way across.... :-)
awesome post,got chills..the universe has spoken
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