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I really miss that clicking on the Google+ logo in the top left corner doesn't take me back to my Google+ home page.
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i mentioned that in my g+ staff circle the first day I noticed it was "broken". The grey bar is too big too.
Wow, I just posted about this very topic.
I've heard that complaint from a few people, but it definitely still works the same for me (using Chrome).
Ha. I thought Chrome broke the link or something, after clicking it a few times and nothing happened. When I click the +"profile-name" link above the logo my browser tab locks up and I have to "kill the page".

They should add a beta tag above the logo if there are going to be this many changes and issues.
Agreed. About the logo, and the fact the gray bar is too big.
Xah Lee
heard this complaint from few, but i actually never clicked the google logo. To go to g+ home, i click the home icon.

the current behavior of taking to page top seem strange to me. I use mouse wheel or Home key for that.
+Xah Lee I would click on the home button, but most often I want to force a refresh of the stream page too. Usually I wind up clicking my name in the black bar to go to G+ home.
+1 The new design is a trainwreck IMHO....a real regression in the UI.
Agreed! I actually took the time to click the "Send Feedback" button on that one because it bothered me so much!
+Nick Weinberg That's exactly what I did on day one of the new look too, lol I selected the whole menu bar as the problem element. It's a really poor design decision on their part...although they've never really been that great at it to begin with.
Weird but my IE browser refreshes automatically but Chrome does not... what am I doing wrong?
+George Lollar I've been experiencing the same problem with Chrome. I have to click the +Profile Name or hit F5 to get the updates on my stream. I've also noticed that every time I do this, the order of the posts in my stream changes. I don't just get new posts, old posts move position. Very odd
I completely agree! The same happens across the rest of their products. Try Gmail and you'll see!
+Danny Sullivan think there's a shift in the matrix going on today -- also What's Hot kept coming back even after being dismissed.
Clicking the Logo now takes you to the top of the Page.

For users using a Mouse, and are on a tab, it comes in handy; coz it's just a click to go to the top.
For users with laptops having a touchpad(or other) it's a bit frustrating; coz to go to the top, users more likely use the HOME key.

I have no idea what type of users Google targeted in making this change.

+Shamil Weerakoon I wouldn't mind this feature if my stream continuously refreshed. But it doesn't seem to be loading new posts without me refreshing the screen. Also, I utilize my circles a lot to filter and separate information into categories. I liked clicking the logo to drop back to the main stream. So given the choice between jumping to the top of the screen or going back to my main stream. I would prefer going back to the top of the main stream.
+Nick Weinberg - Weird but IE browser automatically shows new posts in real time without a "refresh"... frustrating.
+George Lollar But that would mean I would have to actually use IE. I like my Chrome. Its a little bit of a RAM hog, but otherwise good.
another one says what i said last week - how many of us have to say the same thing before google fixes it? i guess we need someone with more than 100k twitter followers - we know google takes those people seriously!
I just click the +You instead.
+Allen Stern I don't think the Google designers listen more to the people with a large following than they do to the small people. But the larger the following, the easier to create a central location for users to voice their issues. I post things about Google Plus all the time but people almost never comment because I'm a bit of an unknown in comparison to someone like +Danny Sullivan. But if we stay active in threads like this this then things can change for the better.
Just putting in my 2 cents here. I'm with +Danny Sullivan here. I miss the Google+ logo bringing me back to the home page. Not to start another conversation but I can't stand the black bar either
Yep, it's weird all right. Google's not exactly known for great UI design, but totallly ignoring a convention that's as old as the web? Makes no sense. How do you get back to the G+ home page? The only obvious link is gone.
+Dan Thies Click the +Dan above the Google+ logo. That is the main way to get back now that the link has changed.
I fully agree with all of this, but am even more annoyed about the same problem in Gmail, where clicking the word "Google" above the word "gmail" doesn't do anything, and clicking the word "gmail" opens a dropdown, instead of going anywhere directly.
Note, this may be the ultimate example of a #firstworldproblem. But then again, we're commenting on +Danny Sullivan 's G+ feed in the first place.
mee too ... and not even G+ but also all other Google products ... we use to click it and go to homepage ... really miss that
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