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Record time online last month by internet users in the US.
The average Internet user in the U.S. spent 36 hours online in January. That won’t seem like much to those of us who reached 36 hours online by January 3rd, but comScore says it’s a new record for Int...
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Almost makes me consider changing my profession from search engine optimizer to time management optimizer. Of course, that would mean starting with myself. I think I'm at 90 hours per week. yikes!
36 hours a month? I often do that in a day! (I'm on Centaurian time)
If you have a smart phone, you're technically online 24/7
Only 36 hours by the third? LAGGING...
This is a big statistic. Obviously the sheer number of internet users will go up, but this also reveals that more and more consumers are using it for major consumption, showing that for us internet businesspeople, market size will not increase proportional to population growth. Much of this has to do with the graying of the last generation who did not grow up or heavily use computers for the majority of their lifetimes.
I prefer doing outside activities.Sometimes I can't pull myself away from the internet though.
The more I think about it, the more we are becoming one port in the back of heads short of all morphing into Neo. Funny part was that film was centered around getting OUT and here we all are trying to getting in.
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